A Maiden of Faith 21

<p>&nbsp;</p><p><em>&quot;No!&quot; Katrina called to the woman cloaked in white. It was Valeth, in her hand she held a dagger, and her eyes were on fire with hatred. &quot;No! I can help!?&quot;She found herself charging forward, her own eyes full of tears, her hands wielding a sword. A man was cloaked in darkness, in shadow, though she knew him to be Aradae. He grabbed at his wife's neck, causing her to drop her dagger. His fingers burnt into her flesh, and he was suffocating her.<br /> <br />&quot;Run, Nenuial...?&quot; Valeth's eyes fluttered shut, her mouth fell open and her body became limp...</em><br /> <br /> ***<br /> <br /> Malla was surprised when the girl suddenly thrust herself upwards. ?No!? Her voice was sharp and tears poured down her face. ?No!?<br /> <br /> Mithita fell onto the floor, landing with a hard <em>thud</em>. &quot;Malla, make her lay down! She will re-open the wounds!&quot; The girl clambered up, her hands caught Katrina's wrists and restrained them from thrashing about.<br /> <br /> Malla's hands burnt Katrina's arms, but she didn't seem to take any notice. She relaxed back and closed her eyes.<br /> <br /> <em>Come to me, all who are weary<br /> And I will give you rest<br /> Come to me, all who are weary<br /> And I will give you rest<br /> Lay your head down<br /> On My shoulders<br /> Be still My child <br /> Rest awhile<br /> <br /> I'll quiet you with My love<br /> Rejoice over you <br /> With My song with My song<br /> I'll quiet you with My love<br /> Rejoice over you<br /> With My song with My song<br /> <br /> Come to Me, all who are weary<br /> And take My yoke upon you<br /> Come to Me all who are weary<br /> My burden is easy and light<br /> Lay your head down<br /> On My shoulders<br /> Be still My child<br /> Rest awhile<br /> <br /> I'll quiet you with My love<br /> Rejoice over you <br /> With My song with My song<br /> I'll quiet you with My love<br /> Rejoice over you<br /> With My song with My song</em><br /> <br /> In Katrina's mind the song was so sweet and reassuring. None other had heard her Lord singing to her, it was only for her, so she thought.<br /> <br /> &quot;Lady Nenuial?&quot; Mithita leaned over her. She could see the young woman's face contorted with pain as she lay on her back. None of the others had heard the sweet love song sang by Iluvatar but herself and Nenuial, this she was sure of. The others could not hear His soft songs, not now anyway.<br /> <br /> &quot;Hm...&quot; Tears pooled into her eyes as Katrina lay there, the pain was throbbing though her back, searing itself into her mind. <br /> <br /> &quot;Here, let me roll you over...&quot; The girl that was clad in grey gently took her into her arms and moved her onto her side. Her hands were unbelievably cool to the touch, not scorching hot, like the others' had been. &quot;How does your back feel?&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Pain...&quot; Was all that she could say, and then she saw and darkness at the edge of her sight. <br /> <br /> &quot;Lady?&quot; Mithita leaned over her, so that only she would hear what she had to say. &quot;I am Mithita, Valeth is my mother. Iluvatar will quiet you with His love. He will rejoice over you... Sleep... May He bless your dreams with thoughts of Him and the one you spoke of in your fever, Eldarion...&quot;<br /> <br /> A frenzy of shock hit Katrina. <em>'How does she know Eldarion? What did I say in my dark dream? She heard the song! She heard His soothing melody!'</em> Then, before she could ask any of her questions, she passed out. Her mind began to wander the dream world in search of peace and painless joy...<br /> <br /> Mithita rested back on her heels. She pressed a cloth to some of the wounds and then stood. ?I will be back. Malla, keep an eye on her, but do not touch her. Your hands may wake her, she needs to rest...?<br /> <br /> **********<br /> <br /> Valeth was with her son, Mordae. He was holding her in his strong embrace, forgetting the fire in her touch. As she had sunk to the floor in pain, so he had followed to catch her in his embrace. She had not been able to contain the rage that burned with in her when her tears had started to flow. Her tears were burning into the soft flesh of her cheeks, leaving bitter white stains.<br /> <br /> &quot;Mother?&quot; Mithita came behind the turn, her grey robes rustling about her legs. She saw the two and dropped down on the floor beside them. Her arms reached around Mordae's neck. She had always loved her brother, he had stood beside her when their father thrust the scorn of being a daughter onto her shoulders. He had held her when the darkness of their lifes had closed in around them. Together they had experienced the wrath of Aradae and the bitter tears of rejection.<br /> <br /> &quot;Oh, Mithita - No! That is not what I named you at birth! He gave you that name, not me. I called you Laurëlen, golden star...&quot; Valeth touched her daughters face, and then quickly pulled away. A small white mark was left on her daughter's cheek trailing to her forehead. &quot;I did not call Mordae by the name he calls him either. I called him Luinelran, blue star wanderer... Not these horrid names he has bestowed upon you! My children!&quot; Valeth cast her arms about them. If she could wish away the pain she saw their eyes she would do it! Nothing in the world hurt her more than their pain.<br /> <br /> &quot;Mother, no, do not cry... We know that you would have us safe and far from here.&quot;&nbsp; Mithita kissed her mother's cheek.<br /> <br /> &quot;She speaks truth, mother. I would have you happy, not so sad and deep in the pit of despair. One day, we will be free, I assure you!&quot; Mordae held her close to his chest, ignoring the burning of her flesh.<br /> <br /> &quot;No, my son. You will be free, my time will come. All will fade and the grey veil will be lifted and all will turn to silver glass, and I will be torn from it. I will perish, for the evil deeds I have done.&quot; Valeth pulled away from her children. &quot;You will be strong, and one day you will go to Valinor. You, my children, will see the Undying Lands...&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Mother.&quot; Mithita took her face into her hands. &quot;I will not pass these shores if you will not. You protected us from father's wrath. We will not leave you.&quot; Tears ran down her face. &quot;Where you go, I will go. Where you stay, I will stay. Where you die, I will also die.&quot;<br /> <br /> The mother looked at her children and in their eyes she saw a determination. The same determination she had once seen in her own eyes. She had stayed with Aradae for the same reason they would stay with her, it was <em>hope</em>. Though, there was not much left... &quot;Please, promise me to look after yourselves?&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Nothing will happen to Mithita,&quot; Mordae promised. He kissed his mother's forehead and stood, hauling her to her feet. <br /> <br /> Valeth wrapped him in her arms and then hugged Mithita. &quot;Go, daughter, I have something to give to your brother, then we will come see Nenuial.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Right, I should check on her anyway...&quot; Mithita walked around the turn. <br /> <br /> When she had passed, Mordae looked at his mother with a question on his lips he never got a chance to ask. Valeth pulled from under her pillow a golden cross necklace. &quot;This is Nenuial's, I took it from the inner pocket of your father's robes. Keep it, for now. He will suspect me to take it, not you.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Mother...&quot; Mordae took the necklace into his hand and then crushed his fingers around it. &quot;I will keep it safe, I know it means a lot to her. You could see it in her eyes, though, if you only listened to her voice never would you suspect it...&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Thank you, now come, we must go see her. I have a feeling though that Deladan will try and help her escape...&quot; Her eyes fell and then she looked at her son. &quot;He is a good man.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;I know, and I know that you love him, my guard will not report them.&quot; He had seen his mother save the mortal's life, on more than one occasion. They could trust him...<br /> <br /> &quot;My son-&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;No, I know.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;I don't think you do! Your father once held my heart, but he tore it apart and threw it away to the dogs! He killed Thindú! Do you remember her? She was so kind, so innocent. He killed her and killed Deladan's heart with her. We are alike, both soul dead, and hurting! I am not married to Aradae, I was married to Kalenen, but he died...&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Mother, father is still in there, somewhere. You're married to Aradae.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;No! I'm married to Kalenen, but he died with our son, Ëarenen.&quot; Valeth took her son's hands into her own, and they were cool. &quot;I loved Kalenen, not this tyrant, Aradae has replaced the goodly man I once knew with this evil.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Mother, I do not fully understand, but I do know that you would wish to see Deladan live. I hope he does, too.&quot; Mordae could feel her hands crush the cross into the palm of his hand, as if reminding him he could never forget the golden symbol.<br /> <br /> &quot;Keep it secret, keep it safe. Do not give it to her unless I say. She will surely put it on, and then Aradae would kill her and try to discover who took it.&quot; Valeth pressed a kiss to her son's cheek and then together they turned the corner of stone.<br /> <br /> They could see Mithita bending over the sleeping woman, her hands pressing a cloth against one of the slashes on her back. Nenuial was badly wounded and Mordae's heart sunk into his gut. His men had done this to her, he had hurt her...<br /> <br /> *AUTHOR'S NOTE*<br /> So, what do you think is going to happen? I guess you'll have to wait... The song is 'I Will Quiet You with My Love' by: Rebecca St. James (and various other artitists). </p>
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