a firey love - chapter four

Days had gone by since the kiss and Bladeras and Farrahwen ignored each other as much as possible . They hadn't seen each other for days . They were both shy and akward seeing the other . Their reasons however , were rather different . Bladeras felt guilty and upset . He didn't feel he was asking a favour , but he was kissing her because she wanted him to . He never thought that they wouldn't talk after it . He actually wanted to appologize but every time she saw him , she turned away . After a while , he stopped trying.

Farrahwen however , was even more confused then him. She wasn't mad at him for kissing her , she was mad at herself for letting him . She didn't know what she felt , sometimes when she saw him , she wanted to throw herself in his arms and never leave those safe arms again .Then she could stop prettending she was strong , stop prettending she didn't need anyone . But then they're was always a side of her that was saying that she was strong , that she didn't need anyone . She had herself . And she was doing fine on her own . So she sighed , told herself that it wasn't such a great kiss anyway , and avoided him .

Days passed and eventully so did months . It was like the time in the golden forest stood stil and it didn't matter what happend in the outside world . Bladeras didn't recieve word from his brother for days , until lady Galadriel called him to her . When he enterd the Lady's room , He only saw Farrahwen. She looked rather down .

" Your brother has reached rivendell and has joined a quest that has sealed the fate of midlle-earth . The lady Farrahwen will be sent to to mirkwood with my message and you will join her . " Bladeras had been too busy staring at Farrahwen that he hadn't noticed that Lady Galadriel was in the room .

He looked at her in suprise . It was too late to bow now . So he just said ; " I believe that lady Farrahwen can find the way to mirkwood perfectly well herself . I don't think she either needs or wants my compangnie . "

To his suprise , lady Galadriel smiled . "The times are getting dark and hatred is speading over Middle-earth . You shall go together . I believe there will be a time wen you will be thankfull for that . "

Bladeras obviously wanted to say something but the lady said ; " Farrahwen , would you follow me ?" and they departed .

Farrahwen knew it would be no good to ask why she had to follow her , but she knew immediatly why when she saw the mirror .

" You are a daughter of the fire , Farrahwen" Galadriel said in a soft , mysterious voice . " And therefore I shal give you three favours . The first one in that you may look in my mirror . Are you willing ? "

"yes" Farrahwen said , rather impressed . She walked towards the bassin , took a deep breath and looked in it .

For a few seconds she couldn't see anything but sky reflecting in the water . Then al sort of images came on the surface . First , she saw her mother as a young girl seeing her parents sail over the sea.....Her mother who was dying in her arms.....Nine walkers from wich one reflected bladeras so much it was like they were twin brothers.....A handsome elf forging a beautiful jewel.......Herself and Bladeras kissing........herself and bladeras riding with stubborn looks at their faces, not speaking with eachother.......an army of orcs attacking a fort with a great wall around it......A great batlle going on but no longer with a wall......Bladeras fighting in the batlle, next to the elf that looked so much like him......bladeras , falling on his knees ,hit by an orc arrow.....Bladeras dying , while the elf was holding him in his arms.......

Farrahwen pulled away from the scene , heavily breathing as if she had been doing an effort . She looked at lady Galadriel , shaking her head .

" This is not happening " She tried really hard not to let her voice shake .

" Some of it already happend , some of it is happening and some things will happen . " Galadriel said .

Farrahwen breathed again . So bladeras was not death.... but he was going to die and she didn't know how on earth she was going to stop him from doing so .

Lady Galadriel spoke again ; " Even the smallest descision can change the future . Remember that . "

Farrahwen tried to understand what had happend in the mirror . She looked at Galadriel and aked ;" The elf who was making the jewel , was that Feanor? "

The lady smiled ; " That brings me to my second point . Feanor didn't only forge that jewel on your forehead , but also this . "

Galadriel showed her a necklace , matching the jewel on your forehead .

" Let this be a gift from Galadriel to the lady of fire . "

Farrahwen took her eyes from the necklace to lady Galadriels face . She realised that , although she would see the Lady tommorow at their departing , the real goodbyes were said now .

" I thank you , Lady of the golden wood .For your kindness and understanding . " Farrahwen voice sounded gratefull .

" But I have one more favour to grant you . That song you sing so proud as a legacy of your house , so loud and strong . The two last phrases of that song were forgotten by the same person who wrote them . " Galadriel looked at her , waiting .

Farrahwen didn't have to guess twice . " Feanor"

Galadriel had a kind look in her eyes . " He added them after falling in love with his bride . " And she continued, singing ;
" But no matter how strong or proud
I am nothing without your love

" He forgot the words of love when his ambition killed it . He was too proud and too stubborn to see that the only thing that could save him was the love of his wife ."

Farrahwen didn't react . She looked down on the necklace in her hand .

" Love will only lighten your fire up , not let it fade out . " Galadriels words rang in Farrahwens mind .

She looked up to Galadriel and said ;" goodbye , lady of gold . "

" Goodbye , Lady of fire ." Galadriel anwserd.

When she saw Farrahwen leave, Galadriel was glad . She knew Farrahwen was going to give love a chance .

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