A DWARF IN THE WAR OF THE RING - Chapter 1- The road to Moria

Lor Brickeye the dwarf walked along the path humming an old dwarvish tune to himself. He was on his way from his home at the Lonely Mountain to the destination of Moria. He was getting quite tired of walking along the long path by himself, besides he would have to go through Mirkwood soon and he wanted to be rested before he passed through. So he found a nice big rock where he sat down to rest. But rather than just resting he began to drift slowly to sleep.

He was shaken awake by a rough hand and a voice asking "Lor? Lor Brickeye is that you?" He looked up to see an old friend that he knew from the Lonely Mountain. It was Gimli with his father Gloin and a small group of dwarves.

"Where are you heading?" Lor asked Gimli

"We have been summoned to some kind of council at Rivendell," answered Gimli "What about you?"

"I am going to Moria to visit lord Balin then I shall return home,"

"Very well," said Gloin "Tell the old rascal we said hello; anyway we must be off."

And so after exchanging goodbyes the group continued to Rivendell and Lor continued on his way to Moria.

He walked along the road at a quicker pace than before. He had been rested and was now thinking about why the elves in Rvendell would ask dwarves to a council. 'Maybe it has to do with the darkness stirring in Mordor that many travelers have been speaking about' he thought. 'Well it must be important after all there were many distinguished dwarves among them.' And so he continued on his journey turning his thoughts to things like who he would see in Moria and how long it had been since he was in a good battle. As he walked along he realized that he was almost on the borders of Mirkwood, a place he didn't want to venture through but it was much easier than going around.

So Lor began to walk into Mirkwood on his way to Moria.

After he had been traveling for about a day he was having a rest and he heard horses coming through the trees. He quickly found a ditch to hide in but by the time he got to it the elves riding the horses had already seen him. Just as he was about to pass a tree an arrow was shot right into it and Lor was suddenly surrounded by elves. There was about four of them all mounted on horses. The one who had shot the arrow dismounted and approached him and said, "I am Legolas, son of Thranduil, prince of Mirkwood, and who might you be,"

"I'm just a dwarf passing through your forest on my way to Moria and might I say you don't treat your guests very well. You almost hit me with that skilled shot of yours,"

And Legolas replied "The skill was not to 'almost' hit you but that I missed you at all and my shot went right where I wanted it. But it would not matter for you cannot be a dwarf of great power if you are traveling to Moria and not to the Council of Elrond in Rivendell,"

"May I ask you my good elf what is this council you speak of, for some of my kin are also traveling to it?"

"No one was actually told why a council was being held, but representatives of all the races of Middle-earth will be there so it must be important, which also means I mustn't be late. And take my advice pass through this forest quickly there's trouble about," and with not another word the elves rode from where they had been leaving Lor alone once again.

Lor took the advice of Legolas and hurried out of the forest as soon as he could. Lor now decided that he would pass right through the mines of Moria and then proceed to Rivendell to find out what was happening. He was so deep in thought he did not realize that he could see Moria from where he was and that he was almost there.

Soon he did realize how close he was and began once again proceeding to the sacred land of Khazad-dum, kingdom of the dwarves.

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