A dream:Lily's tale-chapter 7 - chapter 7

Chapter 7: Into The Wild

"Go back to sleep"told Aragorn to the hobbits. The hobbits went back to sleep and Allison took the floor, so did Kara snuggled in a ball, but Lily could not go to sleep so she stayed up.

"You must really go to sleep,"said Aragorn.Lily looked at him

"why should I "

"Because you have a long journey tomorrow"

Lily wanted to say "so do you" but she knew not to, so she just stood there looking outside. Lily started to get tired so she sat in a chair next to Aldamir.

"So where did you come from"he asked her

"Well I come from...from a land far away though I do not think you know of it"
Aragorn over heard and looked at her but said nothing.

"And where do you come from"she asked gently

"I come from Mirkwood but I have not been there for a long time ever since I was a young boy, I am a Ranger"

Lily stuck her hand in her pocket, and then she felt cold metal clap against her hand, the amulet. She took it out of her pocket and looked at it.

" I think that this is yours"she said handing it to Aldamir." He took it and looked at it for a long time

"Thank you, I thought that I lost it"he said after a while.

Lily's eyes started to shut from the tiredness and she went to sleep.
She felt a tug on her shoulder she groaned "what do you want"she said in a gruffy voice. The she felt a hard punch

"ouch why did you do that for?"Then she opened up her eyes.

"Hurry up will you"she heard a familiar voice she looked up. It was Kara; she was holding something in her hand. It was Lily's cloak; Lily got up and grabbed it out of Kara's hand.

"What time is it" she asked Kara, "almost 9:00 am, so hurry up".

"I'm coming", Lily put on her cloak and saw everyone dressed and ready.

"Is Aldamir coming"Lily asked Allison in a whisper

"yes, Aragorn said that Aldamir had to give a message to Lord Elrond, so his just coming along with us".

Lily looked up at Aldamir; he was talking to Aragorn.
(I'm going to pass on the whole part between going out of Bree and coming to weathertop, they are now at weathertop!)

Lily unmounted the horse that Mr.butterbur gave to her (he said that she could have the horse, Lily was so pleased), she named her horse Anna because she was a gift. Lily led Anna to a rock and sat next to her. She saw Kara and Allison get off their horses. For an hour it seemed Lily just sat staring off in space then she heard a voice beside her, it was Aldamir holding up a piece of bread up to her gesturing it to her. She took it and ate half of it and gave the rest to Anna"Thanks"she replied after she ate. He looked at her for a while then at where she was starring, he saw that she was starring at Frodo talking and telling stories to Kara and Allison

"Do you fancy them"he asked

"well...yes"she replied

"why"he said.

"Look at them they are having fun, while I'm just sitting here looking in space and they are beautiful and smart and funny"she murmured back

"Why would you say that, I mean from my point of view you are just as smart, funny, and Beautiful"

Lily looked up at him and smiled; she saw Aragorn come running towards her, he was holding a blanket covering something.

"Lily, Aldamir pick a sword and give the other ones to the hobbits, Kara and Allison"and they did just that. Aragorn huddled everyone up and said"Kara, Aldamir you two come with me and the rest of you stay her and try not to get in trouble"

He looked at Lily"Lily you go search with Aldamir, look for anything unusual and I will search on the left, you two on the right".

Lily and Aldamir set off towards the right of weathertop. Lily had only little skill of how to use a sword, she was wishing to get a bow instead because she was a lot skilled in that from doing archery at her house in "The Earth"but she used to fight with sticks with her little sister when she was 12 yr. old. Now she was 18 and she did not really remember much of fighting. Lily looked around and saw something moving in the bushes.she held out her sword ready to fight, he looked in the bushes to find a wounded hawk she yelled over to Aldamir" what is it, are you hurt?"
"No, But this hawk is"she held up the hawk"
She set the hawk back down carefully and looked at the hurt wing.
"Someone has been here,"she said all of a sudden

"who" Aldamir asked concerned...

"I don't know, but whoever it was shot an arrow at this bird"

"How can you tell"he asked,

"look"she turned the bird over to find a tip of an arrow poking out of the birds wing.
Lily took the tip of the arrow out and bandaged the wing.

"Now what are you going to do?"Aldamir asked

"Well... I guess we will have to take him along with us"
So they started of again when they suddenly heard the same screech as the night at Bree. With out looking at each other they started towards the camp.

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