A Dream:Lily's Tale-chapter 6 - chapter 6

(sorry,but I can't write in real Elfish so I just made up some so don't be mad.so when i do this:<(the sentence)> that means that Lily or any other person who can talk Elfish is talking Elfish!i just told u ahead of time!)

Chapter 6: A Stranger

Lily opened the door to find the three hobbits standing infront of the door pointing sharp things (you know what I mean, in the movie) at her."Oh it's only you"said Pippin with a relief; he turned back to Strider who was looking at Lily with a puzzled face.

"Who are you"he asked with a stern voice.

"Oh I'm will do no harm I just came for my friends"

"Your friends"


"But I was told that I was going to talk four hobbits, and three women, not a man, and four hobbits"

"You have mistaken me, I am no man"

"Then what are you"

"I am a woman"

"Well, then show your face"

Lily took off the hood of her cloak making sure no one saw her ears
"There are you happy now"

"Yes, you must be Lily"repleid Strider in a gentler tone

"How ...who told you?"
Srider laughed "Gandalf told me, he said that you were very stubborn and that you are very beautiful, he also told me that there was a women name Kara, and another named Allison, plus there where four hobbits, Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry, Now I see The four hobbits and one female, but the rest I have not seen"

"Well, that's because they are down at the, the table"stated Lily"if you like I will get them for you"she turned and went out and closed the door she put back her hood on her head so the same incident would not happen again to her she started to walk down stairs when she was knocked down by a handsome man, he was wearing a mail and he had all kinds of weapons.
When Lily was knocked down her hood fell off her head

"Oh I'm very..."the man looked up"I didn't mean too knock you..."the hair that was surrounding Lily's ears was now pulled away to show her ears"you're an elf, I didn't mean to push you down"He pulled Lily up with one pull

"oh don't worry, I've had worse done to me-I'm Lily"

"I am Aldamir"

"Where are you going in such a hurry?"

"I am looking for a Ranger, he goes by the name Strider, Do you know him"

"Of course I do I was just talking to him, if you like I will take you"

"Oh thank you very much"
Lily took Aldamir to the room where she came from.

"Your back already?" asked Merry
Then Aldamir stepped from behind Lily.

"Aldamir... where did you come from, I haven't seen you since-ever"cryed Aragorn as he stood up.

Lily went and stood next to Pippin"Pippin, tell Strider that I went to get Kara and Allison"Lily escaped the excitement to go find Kara.
"Surly Kara has found Allison"She thought to her self. She put back her hood and went down the steps but before she got there she stooped down and picked something up
"He must have dropped it, when I ran into him". It was an amulet not too big for its size and it had a design much like a pentacle* on it, and it was not much that heavy on the back it said King Thranduil and it had a tree and underneath that tree said Mirkwood. Lily looked at the Amulet for a long time; she was still looking at it when she found Kara talking to Allison trying to get her to come up. When Lily found out what the problem was, she put the amulet in her pocket.

"Lily, help me, Allison won't go, she is too drunk and I can't move her"Lily looked around and thought for a moment

"Kara, get on the other side of her and take her legs, I will get her head and arms"Lily started to walk up the stairs; she came to the door and opened the door by now Allison passed out. When Sam saw Allison he came rushing forward

"Is she ok?"He asked

"Aye, but she just has had a little too much to drink"replied Lily stunned by Sam's concern.

"Lay her on the bed"said Aragorn"she will come back to her senses in a secound"and he was right, a little while after Allison started to groan and rub her head.

"Are you okay"asked Kara concerned.

"Yes, Yes, I `m fine-I just..."right then Allison saw Aragorn, She past out again. Lily ran over to Allison and started calling out her name

"What...Oh it's you"anwsered Allison

"Can I talk to you in private please"repleid Lily looking at both Kara and Allison.

"Allison what in the world is your problem, first you drink which I bet you mum would kill you for doing that and then next you pass out and then you pass out again"scolded Lily

"Wait a minute, Lily, I'm not the one trying to be the "best", I'm just having a good time and any ways why are you yelling at me, you're the one who is puzzling me, first you don't want anyone seeing you ears next you pull a knife out and threatened a man, then I woke up and Aragorn is here with some other person, who I don't know!!" Allison said almost yelling

"guys, guys, calm done will you"said Kara over all the fighting"ok It's no one's faught, ok, I should be the one yelling at you, you have been treating me like I'm not here".

Lily and Allison looked at each other with amazed faces.

"Why did you never tell us, Kara"asked Lily.

"Well...I-I thought-"she cut off by a scream so terrible that I cannot tell you. Lily ran into the room, she knew what it was

"Tis that a ringwraith?"She asked at Strider,"Well, that was a stupid question"she thought. When she came in she did not know that the hobbits were already asleep, all of the hobbits now were wide awake panting.

"What was that"asked Merry sitting up. Frodo just looked at him and he knew what it was.

*Pentacle- is a star shape sign thing, you my not agree with it but it sorta has to do with Pagans (I hope you know what a Pagan is) I hope that I do not offend any body by using it.besides that some of the things I put in my self because I want my story to be more exciting, I know Aldamir is not a really character but he is in this story for a reason. So, I hope you like it!

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