A Dream:Lily's Tale-Chapter 5 - Chapter 5

The rest of the story is based on the movie since I like the movie better! Some parts will come from the book!!!

Chapter 5: The Disappearance

Mr. Butterbur told Frodo about Strider, and that he was a ranger. Then Merry came over and sat down a pintsize beer with a clink. Pippin saw and said he wanted one, so he went and got one. Lily knew what was going to happen so she tried to stop him but a man grabbed her wrist, as she was about to pull Pippin away from the bar.

"Let go of me you!!" cried Lily(well it sorta wasn't like a cry like when tears roll down your cheeks it was an anger cry)
Then she saw strider get up

"oh no why does he have to come"thought Lily "I can fight for my self!"She thought again.

Then she took a small, shiny knife out of her boot that she got from Gandalf. The man was laughing and saying all kinds of mean things. So she showed the man the knife but, he did not move so she threaten him but still he did not move so finally she since she was too afraid to cut him she punch him as hard as she could. He fell off his seat with a vibration that felt like an earthquake. Strider sat back down since he only stood and watched.

"Baggins, yes there is aBaggins, Frodo Baggins"She heard Pippin say she was too late.

Next thing she knew she saw Frodo running towards Pippin but then he slipped and the ring fell on his finger. He fanished completely. This amazed Lily since she only saw it in the movie but this was up close. She pulled Kara and Allison
as she saw strider followed strider up stairs since she knew that he had Frodo. She stopped suddenly since she did not know where they went; she suddenly realized that the movie or the book didn't show where they went. Then she heard the other hobbits come running up the stairs, she got out of the way because when hobbits are mad you better get out. She followed as they past, they didn't even see her, and they ran into the room and caught Strider talking to Frodo.Lily put on her hood for she did not want to be seen. Lily looked behind her Kara was behind her and she seemed in shock from every thing but Allison

" where is Allison? She asked Kara.

Kara came back to her senses "I don't know she was right behind me a minute ago"

"kara go and look for Allison and I will try to stop that mop of angry hobbits"

"why me"replied Kara

"Kara, just please go before Allison gets introuble and besides I can talk Elfish and so can Aragorn and if -oh never mind"

"Fine than- be that way"laughed Kara walking down the steps to the bar. Lily walked to the door and opened it.

(Sorry but I can't write in real Elfish so I just made up some so don't be mad.)

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