A Dream:Lily's Tale-chapter 4 - Lily's Tale-chapter 4

Chapter 4: Bree

Frodo and his company knocked on the Gate of Bree.A muffled voice could be heard from behind the gate" What do you want, and where do you come from?"" we are making for the Inn." Replied Frodo"four hobbits, two women, and a suspicious hooded figure, tell me what is you name and where did you come from?"." My business is my own" answered Lily "please will you or will you not let us in?"."....alright I guess so come on in." The gate keeper opened the gate to let them in. Lily turned her head to look at the gate keeper after they past hem and instead she saw a dark figure slip over the gate, she knew who it was, but something kept her back from telling Frodo.When they got to the Prancing Pony they were met with Mr. Butterbur. Sir". Butterbur peered over the counter to see the hobbit who he was speaking to him" what is your name my lad" I...I am Mr. Underhill" Underhill...Underhill; I've heard that name before" he muttered under his breath." Would you like a hobbit size room for you and a normal size for the big people" "oh, yes please I would" replied Frodo looking at Lily. Then Mr. Butterbur called out to someone and in a minute that someone came in. was a short fellow, and Lily found herself trying not to laugh. Mr. Butterbur told the man to get their rooms ready, and then Mr. Butterbur brought them to a normal sized table near a corner. He took their orders and left. Lily pulled the hood of her cloak off and looked at Kara who was looking at the corner on the other side of the pub. Lily knew who Kara was looking for. Most people call him Strider but his real name was Aragorn. Lily then turned just when Butterbur was putting down their drinks. She heard Frodo ask him who the man in the corner was but Lily already knew that.
The rest of the story is based on the movie since I like the movie better! Some parts will come from the book!!!

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