A Dream: Lily's Tale-chapter 2 - chapter 2

Chapter 2: A Place to Stay

"Ouch, why did you do that for?" asked Kara rubbing her arm."Ok, now I know this seems weird but there has to be an explaination"said Lily ignoring Kara's remark.
"Well...don't look at me" replied Allison."Ok let's think this through ,we were playing volley ball when I got hit and the next thing I know I'm here expecting to wake up seeing you two surrounded around me but, instead I see Frodo Baggins" " could be a dream?" asked Kara." No, because if it was I don't think you would be in my dream, and if you were I think you would know what's happening"
"I guess we will never find out" then Lily looked at herself for the first time since she woke up, she had on a green shoulder less dress on with a cloak, then she looked at Kara, she had on a crème colored dress and then she looked at Allison she had on a blue sleeveless dress. She touched her ears." There pointed" she thought to her self" that....that means that I'm an elf...a she-elf" Lily looked up. Allison and Kara's hair where both behind there ears but, they didn't have pointed ears. Lily had a puzzled look on her face. Allison noticed and ask "Lily why do you have a puzzled look on your face?"" Oh, I was just thinking to myself" Lily, Allison, and Kara went from behind the tree to see Sam and Frodo talking to each other."Frodo, please sir could we so kindly stay at your house...just for the night and then we will be on our way in the morning?" Asked Lily with a crooked smile." well...I'll have to see what my uncle says, come on" Lily and her friends followed Frodo to his house. They found Frodo's uncle in the study looking at maps."oh, hello uncle" hello Frodo and who's that?" replied Bilbo looking at Lily." that's....that's what I wanted to ask, this is Lily, Allison, and Kara and they would like to stay awhile." I guess" said Bilbo sighing. Lily, Allison, Kara, and Frodo stayed up late talking about the shire and the happenings of the shire. Frodo asked Lily and her friends if they would like to stay a while because of Frodo's uncle's birthday celebration, Lily said yes. Lily and her friends stayed in the spar room, it was cozy.
Lily's eyes started to get blurry from tiredness so she went to bed.
Next morning she felt something tug on her arm." Lily....Lily wake up there's someone I think you might want to meet".

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