A Dragon's Tale - Prologue

Their destinies were sealed even before they were born. Even though they were born in two different worlds and were completely different from each other, they still would meet and aid each other. For, if they could overcome their differences and find love, they would destroy the Evil. But in order to deceive them both from their courses, the Evil tinkered with their souls and personalities. He caused the girl to love the night, and she would be dark like the house in which she was born. She would be introverted, independent, and a fiery pessimist. She would hold the Great Secret. The boy would love the day, and he would take on fair light's description. He would be extroverted loving people and animals. He would be creative, calm, and an optimist. The Evil knew he was not even close to being completed with his work. He would not only deceive them before they had been born but in life as well. But the Valar sensed him. They were watching him...very closely. So, at the hour of twilight in two different worlds, two cries pierced the night.
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