A Different Choice - [I]...Never said a word of discontentment, fought it a thousand times but now, I'm leaving home...

Even the birds in the wooded forest were silent.

She was riding alone, not noticing or caring that there were others around her. But she was the one whom they whispered about, for tears were kept in her eyes, eyes so full of pain that would last for ever.

No song was sung, and for that she was glad. It would only have made the realization of what she was doing even greater than it already was. But the silence was only a mirage to her, for within her mind there was a battle which could be neither won nor lost. A battle which, no matter what road she took would always have to be fought.

She was leaving him, after she had promised to spend his lifetime and the remainder of hers with him. She stared straight ahead, powerless to end the battle that was tearing her apart.

"Why do you leave?"

"Because I must. I cannot remain here."

"You love him."

"That is why I am going."

"Think of all that could be lost..."

A movement tore her from her thoughts. A child, a human boy was running, and no one even noticed except her. The boy ran, paused for but a moment as he saw the older man, then he was running again into the man's arms. His father, she realized, lifted him into the air and spun him around kissing his cheek. The boys gaze fell upon her, such an intense gaze that made her want to turn away and yet she did not. Slowly her eyes noticed the jewel around his neck. Her jewel, which she had gifted to him, her love.

It was only then she realized. This was her child. Her son. This was a vision what could be, what should be.

"...Think of all that could be gained."

She closed her eyes suddenly against the force of her knowledge. She opened her eyes slowly, half hoping that the image would still be there, half relieved when it was not.

A tear slipped un-noticed and rolled silently down her face. A voice, so loud, that it made the battle of her mind ease momentarily.

"Lady Arwen, we can not delay."

Her main was screaming at her to turn around, to go back and await his return, to live happily ever after. She nodded silently, and eased her horse back into a walk.

She kept going.

And she did not look back.

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