A Deadly Secret - Chapter one

"She's definitely rather weird"
"Does she even know weird she is?"
"Maybe she's dangerous!"
That's all i ever heard while i was grow in up. Whispers. About Me. I could never fit in. i was pretty good in school. My best subject was gym. I always new there was some thing special about me. I never new just (I)how(/I) special.

It all started one June 14th, 2002. It was my 16th birthday. i was about to go into my kitchen when i heard my mom talking with my dad.
"We have to tell her some time. She can go on like this forever."
"I know, but why do we have to tell her now that she's adopted? Well not even really adopted. We dont even know how she came to our doorstep!"
What? I thought. How could this be. How could I be living with people who i don't even know. I felt like I was hit in the stomach by a sludge hammer. I couldn't breath. I struggled to understand this.
"The only thing we know about her past is that she was 'in trouble' and her parents had messy handwritting" Continued my so-called "dad"
"Yes, and she's got to be told!"I slipped away before I could hear "dad"s responce.
How could they do this to me? Why didn't they tell me. I thought as I shoved cloths into my adidas bag. I reached under my bed and grap my stash of candy. I snuck out the back door and headed for the only place i could think of-the library.
I never went into the library before, but i pased it when ever I walked to school. It was an old biulding. Crumbly and looking like it will fall any minute. Cautiously, I walked in.
Well, I thought, they'll never have to worry about me again. I walked to the very back of the library.
"I guess this isn't so bad."
"No, exspecialy when you come with me," Said someone as a black bag slide over my head...

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