• A New Fwllowship TT

    Chapter 5

  • Buried...not forgotten III

    The continuaton...

  • The Nine: Chapter Eight - The Mountain's Heart

    This chapter chronicles the tragic fall of a man with a peaceful life into the most verminous and blasphemous of the Nazgul, as the War of the Ring begins to go ill for the forces of darkness.

  • The Nine - Chapter Seven: The Court of the Ice King

    I've spent quite a while on this chapter, and am quite proud of it! It details the female Nazgul Adunaphel, and Khamul, before they became Ringwraiths travelling to a distant land with promises of Sauron's aid.

  • Silvren's Journey-UTTT-Chap 11

    "I want you to go with the women and children." Legolas said to Silvren as he walked up and stood in front of her. "You are mad if you believe I will abandon you after all this." she replied as she shook her head and looked up at him, her eyes shining with unshed tears, "Please, Silvren. Do this for me, Aragorn and your father." he pleaded one last time. "No. I won’t leave you." she said firmly.

  • Defining the Name

    In the middle of the now empty encampment, Mithnen fell to her knees and wept. Tears ran down her face and splashed onto the ground, pockmarking the dirt.

  • old friends

    Can Legolas Remember every thing that happened in his life? He will meet some one he has not seen in years. Will he fall in love with her or not? Read to find out.

  • A Temptation Even Greater Than Mushrooms

    It seems stealing mushrooms wasn't the only thing that got Frodo on Farmer Maggot's bad side.

  • The Nine - Chapter Six: Phantom Divisions

    Focusing on the Nazgul Hoarmurath, the Undying, this chapter sees the Nine struggling to cope with the last stages of the Pelennor and the bold heroes they must combat.

  • The Elf-Ranger

    Lindiel has been on her own ever since her mother and father died. When she meets a mysterious stranger, she begins her own adventure.

  • The Nine - Chapter Five: Eyes of the Well

    The fifth chapter in the series looks at the right hand of the Witch-King, the Dark Marshal, cope with his master's death at the Pelennor Fields.

  • Elements: Dreams of the Dead, Visions of the Living - chapter 5

    Last of five chapters. After the Quest Pippin begins to carve figurines of The Nine Walkers...and strange things begin to happen.

  • Silvren's Journey- UTTT- Chapt 10

    At the sound of a body falling directly behind him, Legolas turned to see the dead orc lying beside him with Silvren's knife protruding from its back. Glancing up, Legolas saw Silvren standing three yards away from him. Anger swarmed through his body as he bent over and snatched her knife from the orc's back' "You shouldn’t be here." he shouted as he handed the knife back to her. "Yes, I know." she replied. She watched as he turned away and began fighting again. Silvren hurried over the dead bodies towards the fighting. She nearly tripped over a body when her dress got caught on the blade of a fallen orc. Silvren cursed herself for not changing into her travel clothes as she tugged on her dress. She glanced around to make sure no orcs were sneaking up on her and yanked her dress free as it ripped on the blade.

  • The Nine - Chapter Four: Dawndeath

    The fourth in the series looks at Ji Indur Dawndeath, a Haradrim who became one of the Nazgul, and his fall from proud ruler to merciless slaughterer.

  • Indil's grief

    Indil, in English flower, in Spanish Flor, is the name of that who still keeps my heart, and this Middle-Earth story, is based on my real story. How was her departure, how I have been burning inside... And still, hope is not dead...

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