• Atlanticia-The city in the Sky - Myya's story part 1

  • Arwen and Aragorn part 2 - Elronds sorrow

    a love between man and elf

  • Elanor and Sam, Part One - by Pippinsqueak

  • The New Morning and Evening: Elennea's Story - Dawn

    Aragorn's little sisters. You'll see what I mean later on.... I changed it a little bit....

  • How Legolas Proved His Bowmanship - Early Adventures #1

    "Legolas was called boisterous as a child and. now and again would be summoned to his father's chamber . . .

  • A Kind of Adventure - Part 2 - The continued story of Aragorn and Arwens Adventurous daughter, Arandel.

    Arandel and her father have left Minas Tirith, and run into some unexpected trouble.

  • The Second Symphony - The Lore of the Free Peoples Concerning the Dagor Dagorath

    This is the prolouge of a tale concerning the ambiguous and mysterious Second Prophecy of Mados, portaining to the end of the word and the Second Music of the Ainur. Here we find a depressed maiar, being the means for the Great Enemy to escape from the Void into a modernized world of time...

  • A Different Kind of Adventure - Part 1 - A story about Aragorn and Arwens adventurous young daughter, Arandel.

    This story takes place sixteen years after the War of the Ring.

  • Journey of One - As seen in the messageboards.

    A hobbit by the name of Dayle went on an exciting journey. This hobbit was different. He had an understanding of all the Races that no other hobbit could understand. One day, after he had discussed his plans to visit the sacred woods of Lorien, he left his hobbit hole and received nasty looks from a neighbour.

  • The Lack of Luck - A short story concerning Frodo and his end of luck.

    "Stop looking at me like that, like I'm going to fall dead any moment," snapped Frodo to Sam, still pressing his shoulder where the orc-cheiftain had struck. It must be revealed that he is very edgy because of the troublesome pain.

  • Exiled-Part 2-To Imladris - A Sequel

    "Chelte had been living in Lothlorien for 638 years when the War of the Ring started. Her Great-Grandparents, Celeborn and Galadriel, sent Chelte to Rivendell, to seek help from Elrond."

  • The Frequent Visitor - Frodo's first meeting with Sam

    Readers of the Lord of the Rings will recall that Frodo went to live with Bilbo the year he turned 21 and Bilbo turned 99 years old. They will also recall that Sam and Merry are respectively twelve and 14 years younger than Frodo. Readers will also agree, I think, that Sam’s mother is no longer alive when the four travelers set out from the Shire. For this story I have assumed she died when Sam was a little boy, though I acknowledge there is some indication it was much later (ie. The Gaffer refers to “our Sam” during the scene in the Ivy Bush; I have chosen to think of this as a paternal “our”, like the royal “we”!) Finally, I have assumed that because hobbits are longer lived than humans and mature more slowly (not being considered adult until they are 33) that Frodo at 20 would have been equivalent in maturity to a human in his mid-teens and Sam at eight or nine years like a boy of six or so. This is the story of Frodo and Sam's meeting, upon Frodo moving to Bag End to live with Bilbo.

  • The Sea - A short story

    ...his eyes portrayed fear but with awe, as his intense blue eyes gazed wonderously at the vast deep ocean.....

  • Exiled - A short story.

    "Chelte was a faerie. She was like most other faeries, except, she was a quarter elven. Her mother (Jennette) was half-elven, a descendant of Galadriel (she also carried one of the five faerie rings of power). The rest of Cheltes family were faeries. She had two elder sisters, Srere and Gemmae, and an older brother, Lemiach. All of her siblings had chosen to be faeries, but Chelte did not choose, untill much later on."

  • Galadriel - A Vision of Peril

    Galadriel sees a vision, but of what exactly?

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