• Exile: Chapter 7: Homecoming

    maril returns home to Minas Tirith and is told to do the impossible, Ty'lana sees the Great city for the first time but is unsure of how to handle Lorandil's cold attitude towards her. ENJOY!!!

  • As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

    The next part of the story finds that Kali meets up with an old family friend, but time has changed some. Nate struggles with his emotions and his sense to protect Kali.

  • Maglor's Song: Prologue.

    “Let the Elf sing for his supper!” another, fur clad, man contributed. “What have we to lose? Precious little has brightened our long nights this winter and spring, or any other.”

  • Elizabeth in Lorien- Parts 5&6

    Because of the changes to the website, the fifth part was erased so I put it up with the sixth part.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 26

    Silvren glanced over at the tray and her mouth began to water at the delicious sight she saw before her. A small white plate sat in the middle of the tray with a nice, juicy slice of tender venison; salted green beans, and small white potatoes with salt and butter. A white cup sat next to the plate filled almost to the rim with red wine, something she had never tried before. A small white napkin with a silver fork and knife were set on the other side of the plate. The sweet smells of the food was strong and enticing, beckoning her to eat and taste the sweetness it had to offer.

  • Story of Luinnaur

    A story of a young mortal girl trying to survive in an elven world when her father dies.

  • Nerdanel's Story. Part 11 Sons: #8. Ambarussa concluded.

    “Call upon my father, “Ambarussa reiterated. “For I have endeavoured to call upon my brother, and to little avail. None other union do we have, save that of yours with your lord!”

  • Writers Challenge: Spring - Memories

    An ent is flooded with reminders of a happier time.

  • Quenta Eluwë-Chapter Seven: The Ending of the Noontide and the Unchaining of Melkor

    Lies and rumors were spread and found deep homes in the hearts of the Noldor. Some of these, indeed, reached even the great Curufinwë, and so then was sown the Fall of the Noldor by the silver words of Morgoth Bauglir.

  • Here at the Beginning of All Things

    After Mistress Rose's death, Master Samwise Gamgee finally takes ship and goes home.

  • The return of a Shadow

    This only the start of my story, I will write more.

  • Shadowhunter - Chapter 2

    You know you want to read this story, so give in to your urges and click to read more! In this chapter, I put in just what you asked for: more background and longer chapters!

  • Star-Dome's Love #3 The Romance

    sorry it took so stinken long!!!!! :-) the love between Elrond and Celebrian grow, but Elrond is soon to be sent to Eregion....

  • As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

    This is the whole story, from the beginning.

  • Shadows of Twilight - Chapter 3

    Her voice changed from its normal melancholy tone to a harsh whisper powered by hate. "You think this a game, March Warden?"

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