• Lord of the rings: Step by step

    What happens when adopted elf, Chloe, ends up having the worst past and gets traded between families of Legolas, Faramir, and Eowyn??? Read this and find out... only one chapter right now... very short!!!

  • Aliana's Destiny Chapter 32

    "What is it? What do you see?" implored Aragorn, as he watched the elf prince concentrating on something that was not there. On whispered breath he replied, "She is here. She is weak, but she is alive."

  • Love's First Bloom

    Gilraen and Arathorn Love.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 28

    A flood of arrows shot through the air and landed with the mass of unruly orcs, decreasing the numbers with every arrow shot. Legolas released arrow after arrow, taking his rage out on the orcs, making sure none of the ones he eyed up escaped alive.

  • Gold

    A take on Haleth/Caranthir. Caranthir visits Brethil, looking for gold.

  • Paleo Earth

    An odd twist...

  • White Lady of Rohan

    Nearing the room she heard the sound of sobbing and her heart contracted painfully in her chest. Shaking slightly, she took a deep breath and moved closer to the open door. Inside Meren and Bergil were weeping and hugging each other tightly, and Eowyn felt helpless tears rise in her own eyes as she watched their wordless distress.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 27

    “You lie!” she blurted out before she could stop herself. “I lie? Look at yourself, you’re crying because you know it’s true. Don’t deceive yourself, face it, he loves you and you love him. It’s time for you to face reality.” Telden stopped pacing and turned to look at her, his eyes boring deep within hers. “There are consequences for him loving you.” his smile returned, his eyes dancing with evil laughter. “He must die.”

  • The Tale of Arwen

    The tale of Arwen after the of Aragorn- a lovely long tale that all will be anxious to read (I hope.)

  • Oblila

    A young hobbit lass goes missing in the Old Forest near Buckland. Can Merry and the hobbits find her before it's too late? Post-LotR, an examination into the lives of Hobbits.

  • Shadowhunter - Chapter 3

    With some of Ayhnil's background revealed, the history of her companions is now brought to light. First up is Camcelen, a Elf mistress who has spent years fighting against Dol Guldur with a group of Sentinels.

  • Two Sides of a Coin- Chapter 17: A Celebration

    Interrupting the peace of the night was the chorus of merry instruments, laughter and singing. Disrupting the darkness was the blaze of lanterns and bonfires amidst a wide circle of wains: all this in celebration of a well earned victory.

  • Anemone--part VI

    Ah, wedding last!

  • A Maiden of Faith 19

    Sorry, it's been a long time! There's a link to 18 that I suggest you read before you read 19. Please, enjoy, and leave me a comment, I'd love to know what you thought!

  • Darkness Incarnate - prologue

    Here is a taster of a spectacularly spooky new story I'm wrtiting. It will be coming soon, but until then here is something to feed your appetite. Go ahead and click to read more - you'll be missing out if you don't!

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