• A Memory Put Away - Part Two of Two

    This is a continuation and culmination of Part One - but here's a taste: "Frodo stared hard at her for a minute, exploring the depths of her almost golden eyes. He leaned in—very close now—his dark curls brushing her auburn ones, and he touched his lips lightly to hers for a moment. Then he quickly pulled away and turned to face the sinking sun."

  • Samwise's Story- Chapter One

    How could the LOTR trilogy continue concerning the life of Samwise Gamgee.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 33

    Nervously, she placed her slightly trembling hand on the wooden handrail and began walking down the winding staircase. Near the bottom of the stairs, she could see Legolas pacing back and forth as if he was nervous for some reason or another that she did not know.

  • A Memory Put Away - Part One of Two

    He stole another glance at Allie, who walked beside him with an easy stride, and realized with a start that she was taking up more and more of his thoughts every day. His heart tumbled in his breast as he pondered this new idea, a strange, turning-over sensation he was not unused to since the days of his fever in his 19th year. But this time he wondered if it were something more than a heart murmur, for it made him feel strong and alive and carefree as he had not felt since the days his parents were alive.

  • Realistically Unrealistic

    Journey with Nyssa as she walks in the rain,fights for her freedom,dances in the arms of a prince and throws up all over the King of Gondor! All while she trusts in God and her own common (or not so common) sense. Set after the war of the ring. WARNING : TORTURE (just a little bit)

  • Elizabeth in Lorien--Part 7

    Finally, a climax! After this, the story will roll right along and finish in a few more chapters.

  • As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

    Well, Nate's Past has finally caught up with him. Can he decieve his old trainers? Can Kali forgive again? Is she going to get hurt again?

  • Origins of the Nine - Khamul

    In this forgotten text, you will find the mysterious beginnings of Khamul the Black Easterling, second amongst the Nazgul. Click to read more for a dark insight into the past of this shadowy being.


    Of Gandalf's landing on the west coast and meeting a descendant of Kings, and finding himself facing a modern assult by an orkish hit squad

  • Arvariane Estel -Chapter 7- In the Hall of the Mountain Lord

    So sorry, but after some...editing....I realized that my story contains none of the italics that I put in. So here is the real chapter 7 that I intended it to be. This is a long-awaited chapter. About three years of a wait, if you calculate it. However, I feel that all good stories deserve an ending. Some sort of closure, if you will. And this is why I've set about to write the ending to a much-anticipated story.

  • The Ents come home to Isengard!

    Trees shift in revenge, trying to embrace their strength. Moans from distant relatives, a crack to all untrained ears, as they succumb to the destruction. Where was the sun, warm on their branches, nourishing? How shall it come to pass that their remaining carcasses will be used to fight against the goodness that once flourished in this land?

  • Paths Revisited: Chapter 7- Dawn's Aid

    What will the two elves find in the dark shadows of the woods? Will they survive the night?

  • As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

    Nate gets a little over-protective with Kali's wild spirit.

  • The return of the darkness Prolog

    Setting the stage for Gandalf's return in todays world, and the rising of a new dark lord. Kind of short, but I hope no one has tried this angle yet.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 32

    Silvren looked up at him, too lost for words to say anything after he pulled away. Her eyes full of wonder and curiosity. Legolas smiled and managed a small, quiet laugh as he looked down at her wonder-stricken face.

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