• the story teller

    Some one from middle earth visits us

  • As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

    Not sure if I posted this part before so here it is.

  • Flowers of Nimloth - Chapter 3

    Anarion stood rigid in the corner, with Amandil beside him, holding a small white object which Lienilde could not identify. "I’m -- I’m sorry," she stammered as she moved to shut the door and leave, "I did not mean to interrupt--"

  • Shadows on the Stars

    Portions of TTT and ROTK told from the perspectives of Éomer and Éowyn, respectively. Since I'm a purist, it follows book-verse, not movie-verse. May eventually be quite long, and cover their lives after the War of the Ring.

  • Origins of the Nine - Dwar the Unforgiving

    Third amongst the Nine is Dendra Dwar, known as the Dog King, a malignant being who has brought ruin to many and survived the wrath of Ulmo himself. Discover his tale by clicking to read more.

  • Two Sides of a Coin: Chapter 20- Anew

    Ladril's thoughts were unraveling. His mind was a pit that was growing deeper and deeper. He was clinging onto the edge of a cliff, and he was slowly losing his grip. What does a man do when the foundation of what he believes in tumbles to the ground?

  • As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

    Kali is yet again in a hot spot, but this time she isn't going to use her powers[not much anyway]. Once Nate decides the group head to Gondor, where Kali causes some problems.

  • Arwen’s Story—Chapter One: That Was Then, This is Now

    As Arwen grew, it became even more apparent how precious she was. So full of energy, the light never leaving those eyes as lustrous as pools shimmering with a reflection of eternity and stars. She was as delicate as a spray of glass, strong and supple as the willows, beautiful as a winter morning. In that time, her cerulean eyes were full of joy and simplicity, like calm pools in an evergreen forest, but also with a kind of flicking light in them, and when she smiled, those peaceful eyes to reflected the world as it should be, ever so serene, ever so full of love.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 34

    Legolas could hear the sound of hoof-beats pounding against the hard ground as the disappeared into the distance. He felt as if his heart had been ripped right out of his chest and his stomach felt terribly ill. Legolas walked straight to his room, not wanting to talk to anyone else for a while. He didn’t know if he would be able to face his father, Elladan or anyone else for several days. He had never felt so much pain in his entire life before and couldn’t believe how painful it truly was to go through what he had just experienced.

  • Diamond's Musings

    Writer's Challenge--Yule

  • Yule Eve at Bag End

    Samwise and young Pippin go on a rescue mission in a storm .........

  • Flowers of Nimloth - Chapter 2

    "I would have come with you," Anarion whispered. "I would have protected you. I would have died for you!"

  • The Origins of Santa Claus

    A story for the holidays, I dedicate this to anyone awaiting Dec. 25 as eagerly as I am! --Lady Elwen

  • Samwise's Story - Part 4

    What happened next ...

  • Father and Son

    A meeting of Feanor and Maedhros shortly after the burning of the ships at Losgar. One-shot. (Character death not mentioned in The Silmarillion.)

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