• Two Sides of a Coin: Chapter 22- An Understanding

    It couldn't be helped, Shastan told himself. He had to act like a stupid Southron. He had to play the part in order to remain with Ladril. He just wished that being alone wasn't so...lonely.

  • Flowers of Nimloth - Chapter 6

    Lienilde's gaze then dropped to the floor as she returned to her reverie. Melde stood nearby, studying her daughter. She worried about her change in disposition lately, and decided that if her daughter did not open up to her soon she may have to question her after all. Or perhaps, she thought, she could visit Vorime herself and see what had troubled her daughter so.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 38

    She watched in dismay, not letting it show though, as the nine Wraiths unsheathed their swords and started into the shallow water. The sound of numerous hooves upon the riverbed sounded like the distant rolling of thunder as Silvren glanced down at the river.

  • As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

    Kali gets ready to meet with the King and his Queen, but she finds her mind thinking about evrything but how she should present herself to them. Nate, well, Nate tries to forget about the other rangers.

  • Rage - Chapter 2

    Maida watched the old healer as he stepped around Thendril, staring at whatever had shocked Amalinde so badly. His face quickly turned a pale shade of grey. "By the Valar," he muttered. "What happened to her?" "What is it?" Maida demanded. "What is wrong with Lucy?"

  • Too Close to Home - Part Twenty-Three of many to come.. - How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

    Gwamyr roared from his place. "You bloody witch! You will die for that! If I get free you will pay for that with your life, wench!"

  • A Very Scrambled Story--Chapter Two

    "Hey, Pip," he said, grinning from ear to ear. "Nice dress."

  • Rage - Chapter 1

    Legolas gazed at those gathered around him, sharing their thoughts. First the storm, then the Nazgul, and now a strange child. Was it all possible that they could be connected? "Yes," he said. "We found something."

  • Back to The Past. Chapter Eight of Twenty-One - Future Lost?

    "No, I think things have to come to pass. If he wants to meet me, then he will but I have the upper hand in this meeting. He will not be getting any money from me now or ever", said Tari, as she hurried off leaving Legolas and Aragorn standing there with her friend.

  • Flowers of Nimloth - Chapter 5

    "What of your patient? Did he--" she stopped suddenly, not wanting to say the word "die". She too recalled Lienilde's first experience with a dying patient, and wondered what had happened to her daughter at Elendil's house.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 37

    A high-pitch, blood gurgling shriek erupted from the Nazgul as his horse threw him of its back and ran off into the woods. The remaining three looked from their blazing torch of a companion that was running away over to her and she knew that they were not happy and neither would Legolas when he heard about this, if she would live to tell him about it, she thought.

  • As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

    Kali and Nate meet the King and enter into his home, what should they expect from royalty? Neither of them really know.

  • Arwen’s Story—Chapter Two: The Siege of Rivendell

    "It is not Aragorn's smile I love, but the source of that smile, the warmth of his heart and the truth of his soul. Wretched Orc, I pity you," she decided then. "I pity that you never fathomed the difference between love and ego."

  • The Umbrellaship of the Ring--Part One of Many

    "Oh-it's just you, Frodo. I was worried that I might have hurt a smart hobbit of some sort. Thank goodness it's only a dim-witted hobbit."

  • Back to The Past. Chapter Eight of Twenty-One - Future Lost?

    Saul lunged right at Tari's throat but only to find a sword pointed in his chest.

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