• Quenta Eluwë-Chapter 9: Of the Kinstrife Within the House of Finwë and the Tempting of Fëanáro

    So it was that Melkor indeed departed from Valinor and the Light of the Trees shone unsullied and all was light again as it was before the fateful day at the Ring of Doom. But joy was now marred for all the people of Valinor as all felt that doom hung but by a narrow thread.

  • As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

    A sad twist comes into play, and hopefully some of you will be awestruck by it! Anyway, the night doesn't go as planned, and Kali starts to realize that her mission to save Mirkwood is going to take much longer than she thought it would.

  • A Maiden of Faith

    The heavy fog that rested in the valley was thicker now and it was coming into the cave. Silvery tendrils were reaching out to her bed, which was none to close to the entrance. A chill bit at her nose and a cold froze her bones. Something was not right here, an evil veiled it from the sun...

  • Rage - Chapter 4

    Intently staring at the skin, he blinked as a shadow fell over him, blocking the light from the distant lantern. At the same moment, he caught a strong smell of wine, and heard an icy, wet hiss. Réyis turned, and let out a loud shout of fright. The last thing the old healer saw was the massive black monster hurtling towards him, drool-laced jaws opened wide to reveal a second mouth on a thick, muscular tongue.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 40

    A long, dreadful silence fell over the council as all eyes turned upon Frodo and he glanced nervously around at everyone as his hand slid into his pocket and finger the smooth, golden ring. The Ring flickered in the sunlight as he stood up and drew it out of his small pocket then slowly began to walk towards the stoned pedestal that sat in the middle of the circular terrace.

  • Quenta Eluwë-Chapter Eight: Of Eluwë's Great Hope and Of the Silmarils

    Little did the Eldalië reckon of the fate that drew near; the Darkening of Valinor, the Flight of Melko, the Fall of the Noldor, the Coming to the Hither Lands, and all those events of the Elder Days. Yet would not the tapestry of Arda be less glorious if not for these things? But regardless! Dark times and woes to come were soon to befall!

  • Two Sides of a Coin: Chapter 23- The Black Wave

    Every country, whether scorched under a desert sun or impoverished with pirate ports or blessed by the Eldar themselves, had dark sides that needed to be uprooted and lessons that needed to be learned. Wars happened when countries refused to admit that.

  • Quenta Eluwë-Chapter Six: The Ending of the Noontide and the Unchaining of Melkor

    Lies and rumors were spread and found deep homes in the hearts of the Noldor. Some of these, indeed, reached even the great Curufinwë, and so then was sown the Fall of the Noldor by the silver words of Morgoth Bauglir.

  • A Maiden of Faith 21

    Mithita fell onto the floor, landing with a hard thud. "Malla, make her lay down! She will re-open the wounds!" The girl clambered up, her hands caught Katrina's wrists and restrained them from thrashing about.

  • A Springtime of Learning

    The story is set around 1389/90 SR; Frodo has only recently come to live with Bilbo. He gets to know Sam, and Sam gets to learn his letters... Many thanks to Shadowfax8 and Melthavron for proofreading this!

  • Flowers of Nimloth - Chapter 7

    As she approached her home, she was surprised to see an unfamiliar horse standing outside the house, waiting for his master. Coming closer, she saw the emblem of the King on the horse’s saddle, and suddenly her heart nearly stopped and her feet faltered.

  • As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

    Well, Kali and Nate are finally at the big decision point, but they soon find out things won't be as easy as they had hoped it to be. Kali gets testy and may end up pushing too hard, too fast.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 39

    Throughout the entire meal, Legolas could barely keep his eyes off Silvren, even when Míriel came in late and hurried over to her brother’s side. Arwen, being the know-it-all-sister she was, noticed Legolas’ gaze and pinched Silvren on the leg just as she was to take a bite of her food.

  • Rage - Chapter 3

    "For the time being, the warrior was alone. But it was not afraid of the many enemies living above. All the warrior knew was rage and instinct and determination. It would do what had to be done, because that was the way of things. It was a predator, and it would hunt down its prey no matter how many there were. And it would fight. And it would win."

  • Arvariane Estel - Epilogue

    Summary: Now Ariane had to decide: would she stay in the sorrow of Middle-Earth among her friends and family, or would she drift away to utter joy and peace, to Valinor with the Lady Celebrian, bound to forget her past?

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