• Silvren's Journey-Chapter 48

    Boromir jumped in surprise at the sound of his name and turned to face the intruder as Silvren sank to her feet, engulfed in freely flowing tears. Silvren held onto the tree with a tight grip and leaned against it for support. Through the strands of loose hair that hung in her face she could see Aragorn standing near by with rage written across his face and Legolas as he knelt in front of her.

  • Rage - Chapter 6

    Both she-Elves jumped at the sound of the door slamming shut. Aliana turned around, desperate to see who had shut the door. But nothing was visible beyond the circle of moonlight. Nothing was moving, and nothing sounded save for the drip of water onto the floor. But. . .not all of the drops that Aliana could hear belonged to the drips from the ceiling. She began to shake, hearing a low hiss echo from the darkness.

  • Flowers of Nimloth - Chapter 15

    Her stomach turned at the thought -- she had seen smoke rising from Armenelos the day before and knew that Sauron must have offered some burnt offering, but she had assumed it was another plant offering, or maybe an animal, for she had heard of such things being done by some of the peoples on the shores of Middle-Earth -- but never did she suspect a human being!

  • Rina's Heart 2

    "How is our guest this fine morning?" Arwen entered Rina's room with a smile, glad to find her awake, "I trust you rested well last night; is your wound troubling much this morning?" "Morning? Has it really been a whole night since I arrived?" Rina ran a hand through her hair and rubbed her sleepy eyes.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 47

    Galadriel stepped towards Silvren with open arms and a gently smile lit up on her fair face. "I have missed you greatly." Galadriel whispered as she embraced Silvren. "It must have been very hard for your father to allow to you come on this quest." Galadriel said with a knowing sparkle in her blue eyes.

  • Flowers of Nimloth - Chapter 14

    Ardil was seated on the floor playing a game of chess with Failon near the fire, Mandil took a seat nearby and soon began whittling a block of wood, and Inzil and Melde were preparing dinner in the kitchen. With the exception of Inzil’s presence, it was a night no different than many others for as many winters as Lienilde could remember, and she nearly forgot the conversation she had had with her father just minutes before.

  • Rina's Heart 1- A Callling

    A Silvan Elf named Elerrina (Rina) travels from Mirkwood to Imladris after she feels the Valar have called her there. Teaser: A raindrop fell from its grey home, a little drop of silver from an imposing scowl. It fell a happy little course, avoiding leaves and twigs as it fell through a dauntingly thick canopy of trees and continued on its course until it ended with a soft splash on the upturned face of a young she-elf

  • Flowers of Nimloth - Chapter 13

    Finally, she said, a little nervously, "Isildur, if I may be so bold to ask, why did you do it? And how? How did you manage to reach the inner courts of the King undetected?" She took a seat in the chair at his bedside, waiting for an answer.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 46

    Silvren was yanked out of her thoughts when Legolas grabbed her by the arm and pulled her towards the narrow bridge. Forcing herself not to look down at the bottomless pit, Silvren sprinted across the narrow bridge behind Gimli and stopped on the other side by a set of stone stairs. The rest of the company waited there as well.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 45

    Silvren ducked away from the swinging blade of the gruesome orc that was attacking her. In one quick motion, she slashed open his abdomen and sliced open his throat. Black, sticky blood covered the blades of her knives and splattered onto her hands.

  • Of the Redemtion of Fëanor

    After many Ages in the Halls of Mandos, Fëanor has an encounter that leads to his freedom.

  • Rage - Chapter 5

    "Bring it down!" he shouted, hearing more swords slide from their sheaths. "This beast dies tonight!" And Thranduil charged, bringing his sword around as the beast, with a bone-shaking roar, surged forward to meet them.

  • Flowers of Nimloth - Chapter 12

    Thus when a knock sounded on the front door that morning, Melde rushed from the kitchen to answer it, instructing Lienilde to stay in her seat. When Melde opened the door, Lienilde was surprised to see a familiar face in the doorway.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 44

    It had been approximately two weeks since Silvren left Rivendell and for the first two days her disappearance went unnoticed. Arwen, the twins and her friends did everything they could to stall her being discovered but Elrond finally could take it no longer.

  • The Choice Is Yours Alone, Chapter1

    A young, naive half elf lives in Gondor towards the end over the war of the ring. She is perplexed by the idea of death, even when so much of it surrounds her. Future romance story.

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