• Silvren's Journey-UTT-Chapter 2

    A knot of sadness developed in Elladan's stomach as he watched her hurry away. Elladan glanced around and noticed she had left her sewing materials behind. He decided that he would take them to her room and leave it outside her door. As he gathered up her belongings and walking out of the hall he wondered if he would see her before he left. *** Silvren's heart skipped a beat and her mouth grew dry at his words. He knew that if the hobbits didn’t have it then she would have the alternative ring he could use, but the orcs didn’t know that. She knew that she couldn't let the orcs know what she carried and what the two hobbits didn't carry for then the two hobbits would be dinner.

  • Tales from the Fall of Arnor - Part 3 - Watchtower

    Continuing the story of Ranger General Oropher, this tale sees him and his men ride to the northern borders of Arnor to inspect the rising terror from the mountains.

  • Tales from the Fall of Arnor - Part 2 - Ranger General

    The second of these tales introduces the character of Oropher, nephew of the King and Ranger General of Arthedain, as strange reports reach the royal court of Fornost.

  • Silvren's Journey- The Union of the Two Towers- Chapter One

    Elladan sat on a stone bench sharpening his sword and knife, from the low-lying terrace he could see Anariel talking with Cendulin who had just given birth to the first elfling in ten years, her oldest one being ten in human years. He watched Anariel as she laughed and smiled and then took the small infant into her arms and held with such love and happiness that his heart skipped a beat.

  • Tales from the Fall of Arnor - Part 1 - The Court of Carn Dum

    The first in a series of short stories telling of the grim wars between Arnor and Angmar, part 1 retells the beginnings of the Witch-King's lordship in the north.

  • Flowers of Nimloth - The Real Chapter 18

    "Isildur!" she exclaimed upon entering the house, "What are you doing here? You seem determined to keep me surprised as of late!"

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 49

    Silvren gulped as a bigger orc with no helmet on strutted over the ridge. He held a big black bow his hand and a horrible feeling cam over Silvren. She wished more than anything else that she still had some arrows left in her quiver. “Boromir!” Silvren screamed when she saw the massive orc pull back on the arrow set to the bow and took aim at Boromir. Silvren and the hobbits stopped in horror as Boromir fell to his knees with an enormous arrow protruding from the area around his left shoulder. But Boromir was up again in a flash as another orc approached him from the left and another from the front. For Boromir’s sake, Silvren turned and found another orc to kill.

  • A Maiden of Faith 26

    Her own feet began to carry to her quickly, her flip flops, which had amazingly stayed with her the whole time, not hindering her.

  • Stranger In A Strange Land - Ch. 1 - Fallen Hope

    Sneaking her way toward the nearby woods, Súliën saw the raiders breaking down doors and plundering her neighbours' houses. They brought the loot back to their lofty caravans, stuffing valuables, jewellery, and food into black baskets and loading them on. Their painted faces smirked with a cruel satisfaction.

  • Flowers of Nimloth - Chapter 17

    Nimloth's fruit had already sprouted. Small white branches rose from the dirt, no longer than the width of a man's palm, and a single silver leaf rested on the highest branch, shining in the moonlight. Several tiny buds bore a promise of more leaves to come.

  • Stranger in a Strange Land

    Everything is secrets here. Nobody can really know a person, because nobody lets each other in. They stand far enough in the doorway so that they can see in, but deep inside there are many corners and dark spaces that are shrouded in shadow. And it would take skill, courage, and wits to step further inside and see what's hiding in the corner. Luckily, I have those.

  • Rina's Heart 4- A Warm Evening

    Later, Rina found herself surrounded by the warmth of the Hall of Fire. The evening felt perfect; she talked and laughed with the other Elves sitting around her at the table during the meal, and generally watched the festivities swirl on around her, only wishing her side was healed and she could take part.

  • Guiding Light - A short story

    From the author of the Arwen Trilogy. A short Yuletide story dedicated to the spirit of the season. On the eve of what is set to be the best Yule of Arwen's life, an event occurs that threatens to keep her loved ones apart for the holidays.

  • Rina's Heart 3- Matters of the Heart and Books

    Rina moaned, she didn't want to be that way, but friends, especially female friends, were dangerous! They meant talking about painful things, her parents and brother, her long-dead sister, love…all the things that Rina never wanted to talk about as long as she lived! Rina felt a tinge of envy for Elanna; she was married with children, she was not alone, she had people who needed her.

  • Flowers of Nimloth - Chapter 16

    It suddenly struck her how far apart she and Ardil had grown in the last few years -- for there was little on her mind that she could speak with him about without a lengthy explanation first. She found it rather sad; they had been quite close when they were children, but once Ardil began his apprenticeship in the smithy and spent more time with Inzil, and later as Lienilde began her own apprenticeship, they simply had little time to spend together.

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