~GOTHWEN~ - Scriptures of a Serpent Stalker

Each night...
I rise and genuflect.
Embraced by dusk
I pray these words...

Daylight die. Surrender sky.
To the night. Tonight is nigh.
Sun stay swallowed, slumber snared.
Desire darkest midnight bared.
Sleeping silent shadows wake.
Sweeping violent shadows shake.
Harken to my black despise.
Shiver forth, writhing, rise.
Sweep across the star swept sky.
Creep beneath the cyclops eye,
Ever watching. Ever white.
Ever naked neath the night.
Grant my asking. Hear my plea.
I summon on submissive knee.
Give me gift of giving death.
As my rage burns at it's best.

Rage unquenchable burns.

I am.

A great many dunes have my footfalls found and tried.
I have not wasted the curse of this solitary life I'm left to suffer.
I have hunted.
And hunted.
Hunted for Havenians.
Hunted for survivors.
And I have found none.
Of one or the other.
A great many sorrows have gushed forth from my eyes.

A great many moons have mounted and dismounted the high.
A great many horrors have been stained upon my sight.
A great many revenges have I reaped.
I too have slithered.
I too have slain.
I have bitten back many of those unensouled and bescaled beasts.
Those that envenomed my kind, my Havenians, into next to nothingness.
Lone, like some rabid and starved spider I have stalked.
Oh their deaths were suculent-sweet.
Beheaded, their limbless lengths flailed and flung about as will severed worms.
And smiling like a shadow villian, I watched.
I watched and smiled and smiled and watched.
Till every last twinge and twitch was finally wrung out from their wretched flesh.
From each carcass I ripped a single scale.
With but a few more, I shall have enough to fashion myself a right formidable breastplate.
They will see my armor.
They will know my armor.
When all others of their slithering kind will look upon me...
They will know...
I am the maniacal vengence that they released.
I am the curse they caused unto themselves.
Slithering demons.
As long as I live...
They will die.
All will die.
In the name of Haven...
I will avenge.
I am revenge.

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