'The Dark Sunset'......Part One

Cold was the morning when King Elessar and his son, Eldarion, rode up to the city of Annuminas. It was ere sunset, the orange sky and fading sun sat just above the lake, Nenuial. The chill wind blew on their faces as they entered the city through the large gates. Eldarion, now thirteen-years-old, dismounted his horse and looked around the unfamiliar place that he was someday bound to rule. It was different, yet alike to Minas Tirith, his home. He looked around at the stony walls and a chill ran down his spine. A brief shadow passed over his mind, but it quickly ended when he heard his father speak to him."You may wander around the city if you like, but be back not to late after sunset. This city is new to you and it is a great risk to have you wandering around alone in the dark."
"Yes sir." He replied to his father and quickly jetted off running in the direction of the lake.

The sun had just began to move its way into its bed as he arrived at the banks of the water. The sky ,now an orangy-purple color, was a breath taking sight. Never had he seen such a mesmorizing sunset in his entire life. "Tis beautiful, isn't it." He heard a soft, female voice say.
Eldarion turned his head to his right and there sat a girl, no older then 12 or 13, with hair as dark as midnight. Her skin was fair and her eyes grey. He could not take his eyes off of her. Words tried to escape his mouth, but they came out in a stutter."y-y-y-yes, beautiful...er...Yeah, it is beautiful"
The girl let out a soft giggle,"Never have I seen your face here in my entire life, are you new?"
"Well.....sorta....Just visitng. For a month or so."
"Ah...Well I forgot to introduce myself, so let me go ahead and do that now. Moruial is my name...."
"Dark Sunset.....it is a beautiful name. Please do excuse my manners though. I should have been first to introduce myself. My name is er....." He was not ready to reveal who he REALLY was, yet."My name is Amrothos." Coolly, he ran his hands through his jet black hair.
"Forgetting our name now are we? The more nervous you get the more I like you, and the more obvious your lies become. Better liars then you have tried to pull wool over my eyes, now please do tell me what your real name is. I know of Amrothos and you are certainly not him."
A sigh escaped his lips and he shrugged his shoulders,"My name....My name...My name is Eldarion, I am son of the king."
"Now we are getting somewhere." A smile spread across her face and it please Eldarion more then anything else ever had before. She grabbed his hands and pulled them into hers and opened her mouth to say something, but Eldarion was quicker.
"Alas, The time has come when I must go. The sun has set and I must head home. Farewell, Dark Sunset! May our paths choose to cross again in the morrow. Meet met here ere noon, and maybe I can look upon your fair face once more." Before she could say anything back he was gone into the bitter darkness and could not be seen.

The next day Eldarion went to the lake, where he had first looked upon the Dark Sunset. He waited for a moment by the banks of the water as the wind rustled his short hair. In the clear-blue sky sat a mighty sun that reflected itself down upon the water causing it to sparkle like the Elendilmir. On a high mound, not too far from where he sat, lay a single white flower. Eldarion was curious as to what it was, and why it was there, all alone. He walked over to the flower and bent to pick it up, but a gentle hand lay itself upon his shoulder, stopping him from doing so. He turned around and it was Moruial.
"Do not take life away from an innocent, living thing. This is a niphredil. It was planted here by your mother, I believe. The seed is from the very hill of Cerin Amroth." Eldarion looked once again upon the fair complexion of her. She seemed ever-more beautiful than she had the night before. Her dark hair gleamed in the broad sunlight, and her fair skin looked as soft as silk. But it was not her hair, nor skin, nor any other part of her body that caught his gaze more then her glossy, grey eyes. They were unique, and stood out like a red flower in a field of white cotton. Never could he forget those eyes, even if all in life was taken from him and he was under a dark shadow never to escape back into the light. Even if all was in despair and he had nothing left to hold onto, he had the memory of her eyes, the eyes of the dark sunset.
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