'Shae's Story - Prologue

Authors' Note: This is a companion piece to Sister to the Prince, which I'm writing myself. book_of_kells and I decided this would go well with it, and she wanted more say-so over the character I based on her. Enjoy!- Aidi

Disclaimer: We're not claiming anything created by Tolkien, just using the world and some characters. The characters Aiduial, `Shae, Taruku, Malloske, and Aina'quenta are ours.

- Aiduial & Book_of_Kells

`Shae's Story


I am Hithshae, daughter of Aina'quenta, Steward of Mirkwood, and Tutor of Prince Legolas (The dumb blonde). I don't really like my name, so those close to me, call me `Shae. My best friend is Aiduial, but we all call her Aidi. She is Blondie-boy's kid sister, and the king's daughter, making her the princess.

Aidi and I agree very strongly on the fact that her brother is a humongous idiot at times (sometimes Aidi disagrees, but only when he is being really nice to her). Arwen and Laide, Aidi's maid, usually go along with any of her ideas, and we tend to cook up a lot of pranks. A lot of them are pulled on Blondie-boy whenever he embarrasses or insults one of us, or we just think things are getting a little too quiet.

Tonight, the King held a birthday feast and ball to celebrate Aidi's coming of age. She spent most of the time with Arwen or dancing with Haloisi. Father had me dance with an Elf named Taruku, who is also one of mine and Aidi's friends. Before the ball started, while my stepmother, Malcelebloske(another stupid blonde) threatening me, saying what she would do if I `misbehaved' or left early, I saw Aidi and Arwen in the gazebo talking. Later, Arwen gave Aidi some of Leggy's favorite spiced wine with an evil grin on her face. Aidi, in turn gave it to Hylama, who gave it to him. He drank it while Aidi and Arwen watched from afar. I think they may have done something to it. I hope they haven't pulled a prank without me...

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