TTT Review, Part 1 - Great Movie, but rather disapointing. For die hard LOTR fans by a die hard LOTR fan. For anyone who has read The Two Towers

I just saw LOTR The Two Towers about an hour ago. In this review I may not be perfect, and may make a few mistakes, so bare with me. I've been waiting a full long year for this day to arrive, and it finally did, and it wasn't all I had hoped for. The opening scene was spectacular as I had assumed it was. When I heard the voices coming from under the mountains I knew exactly what was about to happen (Foundations of Stone). The battle between Gandalf and the Balrog was everything I dreamed of and more. At that moment I knew that the movie would be unbelievable. From there, we see Frodo and Sam on their lonely quest (The Taming of Smeagol). In this scene we finally get to see Gollum clearly for the first time. And what a sight it was. Far different than I had thought Peter Jackson would do. He is as close to perfect as a CG character can possibly get. Our heros did an amaing job acting with this unreal creature as well. From here we see Merry and Pippin being carried by the Uruk-Hai across the plains of Rohan. Here Pippin releases his broock from Lorien. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli follow their trail. The fact that Gimli is so stout and not very fast makes great humor for the exhibition. We soon see Theodens son, Theodred being brought back from war. He is mortally wounded. This scene was not in the book but a great additive. Theoden (King of Rohan) is so ill in his mind that he can't even aknowlege his dying son. Eomer becomes angry with Grima Wormtongue and assaults him lightly. This causes him to be banished from Rohan. So far, at this point the movie is very fast paced. It shows that it will be a lot quicker than the Fellowship of the Ring which had a lot of explaining needed. After this The Riders of Rohan attack the Uruk-Hai camp and Merry and Pippin escape into the Fangorn Forest. Thye are trailed by Grishnak, a hungry Goblin. In the book, Grishnak wants the hobbits for he belives they possess the One Ring of Power. In the movie he wants to eat them. The hobbits then climb up Treebeard, not knowing who he is. Tree beard is a large walking-talking tree, or Ent. Treebeard then crushes and kills Grishnak. He thinks the hobbits are orcs and they have trouble convincing him otherwise. He places the two hobbits at the feet of a wizard robed in white (Saruman?) Conitnued in Review 2...
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