The Two Towers - Review

That was the ultimate best movie that I have ever seen in my entire life! I just saw it with my five friends at eight, and i loved it! I can't believe how good it was! I loved Gollum. I thought he was going to be a really bad character, not badly played but that I would hate him--but Frodo was right. I was beginning to feel sorry for him.

And I loved the scenes between Aragorn and Arwen--I have to admit--I love romance, and that was the best part of the movie. And the elves, I love the elves. They are my favorite creatures in all Middle Earth and I wish we had them here! Oh my God, I can't believe how good that was! I'm still in LOTR mode, and I won't get out of it until I go see it again. I'm going crazy here--somebody help me!! And when Haldir died- I was so sad, I was crying! Even though he was not my favorite elf (a certain golden locked one called Legolas is) I still was majorly sad when he died. Anyways, all you out there who haven't seen it yet--you have to! It is the ultimate best movie in the history of best movies!

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