The Two Towers! - My first feelings and thoughts about the new movie

I watched the Fellowship of the Ring first, and for once, I begged Boromir to die as soon as possible.

When the screen went black the second time, I thought I was going to scream, and when new Line's logo appeared on the screen, I began to tremble. Then the letters came up: the Lord of the Rings.

The movie was great, it was really. Gollum was so perfect, jumping around, talking to himself and going from being Smeagol to being Gollum. But all the way, people laughed at him. Maybe he was funny, but I don't think there's much fun about a creature so ruined and lonely.

Frodo and Sam and Gollum made a perfect trio. Finally the Ringbearer is starting to show some temperament, and Elijah Wood does a better job in The Two Towers than in the Fellowship of the Ring.

All the animated animals; ents, wargs, balrogs, flying beasts and trolls, are pretty good. But the balrog wings were terrible. They looked like two small leather-flags on two too large flagpoles. One point to the "non-wings-fans".

One thing I really liked, was Theoden and the Simbelmyn

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