The Two Towers is a new benchmark. - Deserves a special Oscar

Tripped up by my own huge expectations, I was initially dissapointed with the rush past grist and intimate moments; and when my partner whispered his pointed query: "Do you like it?" I answered with a see-saw wave of my hand...

Knowing the power that this parable has had over my life, how I loved the first chapter in this series he whispered again: "This is the translation. It's a three hour movie".

Without taking my eyes from the screen I checked myself and remembered that ALL is perception and LO! my trust was restored by the wisdom of those who undertook the mammoth recounting. I allowed the movie to BE what it is...

In an instant I bridged the gap between my personal relationship with the story and this new, cinematic experience. I released my grip on frozen memory and joined with the gestalt of a shared vision. I was transported.

Sacrificed moments and detail in service of focused storytelling is the platform of cinema. Ultimatly, the meat of this story is presented on a grand, satisfying scale. The choices made redeemed all those that were lost.

This is a wonderous, rolicking epiphany of a movie. The Two Towers IS what movies aspire to be. This is a NEW kind of movie. Yes the bar has been has taken a leap. This is one of the very best films I have ever seen.

Thank you Peter Jackson for giving us our defining vision. My initial chagrin has been replaced with true surprise and joy. Pure joy.

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