The Two Sides of the Two Towers - A review of the good and the bad of the Two Towers movie.

Hail, fans of Middle-earth!

I am a great fan of Middle-earth and its denizens, and would like to believe I am quite knowledgable about the stories and the spirit of that world and of the Lord of the Rings. I also thought of myslef as a purist regarding these, yet I have really enjoyed the first movie since, in my view, that adaptation, thought somewhat different, held on to the spirit of Tolkien's work.

Now, after seeing the Two Towers (and just coming back from a sold out theater which prevented me from seeing it again!) I would like to take the time to write up my thoughts on it, because at this time, I still cannot decide if I liked the movie or if I'm dissapointed by it...

So, I will try to point out the good and the bad things about the movie, to see on which side the scale tips. Though I will try to avoid overexplaining and adding to much details, there will no doubt be spoilers ahead, so be warned...

The Good vs. The Bad

The Battle of the Ma

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