The Movie of our decade

I was one of the hundreds of people to go to the big theatre near me. And after watching the extended versions of both of the previous movies i was pumped. So as the movie ran i watched in great awe the final film. I enjoyed the film compleletly. With focusing more on Gandalf and Pippin, as they prepare Gondor to fight, than anyone else in the film i was still pleased. The big battle, which i knew would dwarf the battle of Helms Deep, was breath taking. I think i can honestly say no one left that theatre that night without a smile on their face. I think the best description i have heard of what this movie means is, "Its the Star Wars of our Generation." (Which is a little understatement, but it fits i think.
The Return Of the King, has now become my favorite film of all time. Whatever you want to rate it with, its the top.
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