The Lord of the Box-Office - The second Lord of the Rings installment, The Two Towers has rocked the world.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers rolling into it's third week on-screen has people talking. Not only talking, but Peter Jackson's stunning visual epic has already started gaining respect from Hollywood. Snagging two Golden Globe nominations, (Best Picture and Best Director) Towers is definatly no push-over fantasy film.

With outstanding visual effects, impressive acting, and a great story-line, Jackson's epic second installment of J.R.R Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings prooves you don't need Hollywood to make a good film.

Filmed entirely in New Zealand; along with Film One and Film Three, the setting is as breath-taking as Fellowship.
Although the natural landscape wasn't as present in Towers as in FOTR, Weta Workshop Ltd. team did an exellent joc creating setting filled with culture and detail with their CG effects.

"They are frightened. I can see it in their eyes."

The major battle sequence takes place at Helm's Deep. The kingdom of Rohan stands alone againsts Saruman's fierce Uruk-hai army who are ordered to attack at Helm's Deep. Their purpose? To destory the world of Men. It seems hopeless: three-hundred Rohan farmers and stable boys against ten-thousend fighting Uruk-hai soldiers.

"There is always hope."

The Two Towers is a towering achievment. Filled with squash-buckling heroism, passionate acting, and stunning visual effects. The film lives up to it's first installment; and perhaps even supasses it.

* * * * *
(Five stars for historic depth.)

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