Spoilers I have to wait another year?! What's up with that? - A TTT Review

As my friend and I anxiously awaited the start of the movie, I silently hoped that PJ would keep true to the books. Don't get me wrong, the movie was great! I absolutely loved it, but I was a little disappointed. No Shelob?! I have to wait another year? Urg! And what was up with the Elves at Helm's Deep? Tolkien's whole point is that the Elves are fading in the Third Age, and having them at Helm's Deep just defeats the purpose of Tolkien's work. However, I'm glad they kept Eowyn in the movie. I heard a nasty rumor that they were supposed to cut her character out becaue they didn't believe that she played a major role, but in the end, they kept her true to the books, a good decision on PJ's part. Anyway, the movie was awesome; a real-must see, just don't get your hopes up that it'll stay PERFECTLY true to the novel.

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