ROTK was good, but not what I'd expected. - ...

I thoroughly enjoyed The Return of the King, and I
think it was a lovely enough ending for the Lord of
the Rings Trilogy in terms of the movies. But then I
couldn't help missing the way Eomer got upset over
his sister getting into battle and how Eowyn and
Faramir got hooked up. Not to mention I wanted to
see how they'd interpret Saruman's pathetic demise
at Wormtongue's hands. I feel that Pete Jackson left
a loose end in terms of that--I mean, if you haven't
read the books, how are you supposed to know what
happened to Saruman and Wormtongue? At least that's
what I think, even if I heave read the books. And
how come only three people rode through the Paths
of the Dead? I really wanted to see what Arwen's
brothers would look like. In any case, the way Frodo
bent towards the Ring was well-done on Elijah Wood's
part and despite the fact that most of the scenes I wanted
got cut out, the movie kept me sniffing and laughing
more than enough--and I think that's what makes the
film great.
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