ROTK Review - Awesome is too small a word...

I've never taken a journalism class, so my writing won't be the standard review jargon you usually hear. I simply loved this movie. Knowing ahead of time that the battle scene in the Shire was not going to be present, I was worried at what liberties Peter Jackson was going to take in his vision. However, after seeing them all, I can't imagine anyone staying truer to the vision of the books than Jackson. The violence was necessary to capture the challenge and sacrifice that good has to endure to overcome evil. I felt truly exhausted at the end of ROTK, not because I was bored, but because I felt I had completed a long journey and fought the good fight myself. So many images were very close to the way I had imagined them; Minis Tirith, Osgiliath, the Black Gate, and Isenguard looked as though they were pulled from my head. That is probably a credit to Tolkien's ability to describe these things. Because of the exhaustion of all the battles I felt I had participated in, I was almost relieved the battles scene in the Shire did not happen. This third movie, in particular, felt even closer to the books than the other two movies. I'm glad Jackson took on this project.
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