ROTK - quick review from a purist's view - Starts bad slowly gets better

First off, let me note that I was sitting in the second to front row, while right in front of me were 3 kids who did nothing but talk and laugh and point and squirm!!!

That out of the way, let me first say that I LOVED FOTREE and I do enjoy TTT, although the EE didnt add much. ROTK as with TTT is a love/hate situation for me. I found it hard to enjoy in parts. The list of changes was so vast that I became annoyed and as with TTT there were far to many tears in the wrong spots. PJ certainly spent to much time thinking about the dead (understandable since he loves making splatter movies)

In short, I love it, I hate it
Me: "We loved it Precious"
Myself: "No! PJ hurts us"
Me: "Where would it be without PJ it survived because of PJ"
Myself: "Nasty, evil tricksy, script, changes the story"
Me: "Doesn't matter, changes were necisary"
Myself: "NECISARY??? What necisary? No changes were for PJ, PJ doesnt like Tolkien"
Me: "Lies Precious lies"

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