Review of The Two Towers - Opinions about the best film of the year!

Hey, it's finally here! And I watched it! (I live in Greece)

Well, it's better than we all expected--more Legolas, more Haldir (slain), more battles. Despite the Elves at Helm's Deep and the rest that's not in the book, it's a very good movie.

I think that if someone watches it and they have not read the books, they'll be confused, and they probably won't like the film!

All the cast is Just GREAT!!!! Watching sir Mc Kellen as Gandalf is breathtaking! Also Brad Dourif (Grima) is fabulous!!!! Another great character is Smeagol! And just wait to see the destruction of Isengard and the battle of Rohan! Gimli, is funnier and seems to be braver! Orlando Bloom shows us how well he can act!

There's even more, but I can't think of it all right now! Anyway, I highly recommend that you should watch it!

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