Return of the King - Satisfying from beginning to end.

Wow...what words should I use? I cannot express how I feel about this third and final movie in The Lord of the Rings. I had problems with FOTR and TTT, but ROTK met and exceeded my expectations. Denethor's madness, Gollum's deceitfulness, that fool of a Took and last, but of course not least, faithful and courageous Samwise the Brave. Each character touched my heart and mind. The scene with Shelob was exactly the way I'd imagined it. Elrond impressed me much more in this film than either of the former two. The sense with the Witch King, Eowyn and Merry... words cannot express the emotion of it. I cannot pick a favorite moment in this film, but Pippin's song comes so close. throughout this film, I cheered, I was scared out of my wits and I cried both from despair and joy. I could go on and on, but here is where I will end. An inspiring, emotional and dramatic film is Return of the King and a success that in my mind can never be overcome.
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