Return of the King review - Man oh man, it was goooood!

Like my teaser suggests, the LOTR ROTK movie epic was absolutely spendid! I loved every minute of it! Hell, I even shed a tear or two...for the diminishing immortality of Arwen, to the doomed fate of Faramir and to the loving loyalty of Samwise! My only can so tell that there were great parts cut out! So in that sense...I can't wait to see the Extended DVD!!!! Another complaint of mine was that it is in fact, the final installment. Other than that, I have already seen the movie twice in it's opening weekend and will be seeing it again on Christmas morning. (Look for a special thanks from Peter Jackson to me on Oscar night for the continued viewings LOL!!!!) Other than that folks...get out and see it! I missed that the House of Healing was not in it...but my hope is that it will be restored in the Extended DVD.
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