Return of the King is good. Great. Awesome! Perfect!! - The best film in the trilogy, and possibly of all time

The action highlight is the Battle of the Pellenor Fields. It was even better than I could imagine. The camera moving through the battle, following riders as they ride under the Oliphaunts, the sweeping vistas, and the Nazgul and Oliphaunts throwing the soldiers around is just downright cool!

The emotional content of the film is not quite as powerful as I imagined it would and/or could be, but it's still quite a moving film. And seeing the whole trilogy, as a whole, is just the most powerfully moving experience ever put on film.

I would have to say that Fellowship of the Ring is still my favourite of the trilogy, but Return of the King is the best one. It really gets very intimate, and by the time it's over, you feel like you really went on this journey. You feel like you were a part of it, and, while being sad that it's all over, you feel such a great feeling of satisfaction in the wrapping of the story.

Truly a cinematic masterpeice.

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