Old Friends from cherished memory come to life on the screen - Tribute and thanks to Director, Cast, and Crew

I was finally able to see The Return of the King and I must say I walked away from the theater enraptured! I will have to go back again as there was so much to see and take in, one sitting will not be enough.

What struck me most was the words that meant so much to me growing up and reading Tolkien's works. These stories were so powerful to me that as I read them, they played out in my mind's eye and I could see the characters and places vividly. As I sat in the theater and watched the final chapter on screen, the images I've carried with me all my life magically unfolded before me, in paticular the scene with Theoden is crushed under his fallen mount, Snowmane, and the final moments of the Witch King, Captain of the Nazgul. Another scene that lept from the page was the final battle before the Black Gate and the great eagles , led by Gwaihir the Windlord attacked the Nazgul. I wanted to cheer- so wonderful was the image and so true to the story.

So, from a reader of Tolkien for 32 years- whose love of the stories and tales and affection for the characters and languages Tolkien created has not faded, thank you Peter Jackson and the entire cast and crew of The Lord of the Rings, all three parts. Thank you for the wonderful music, attention to detail, faithful devotion to the stories, and beautiful depiction of the characters. I've watched the extended versions and appendices on the discs and marveled at the devotion and extreme care all of you took to bring cherished friends and places to life for new generations, as well as allowing them to live again for those who consider them "old friends."

Continued success to all of you, I wish you well.


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