Lord of the Rings ~ The Two Towers: Epic part II leaves you longing for the third. - December 2003 can't arrive soon enough!

From start to end this most anticipated and exciting second movie is all it means to be. Created closer to the novels than any in recent movie history, it is in no way a dissapointment to someone who has read the books. It's really nice to see a part of your childhood so masterfully done. These stories were, for me a favorite as a child. I read the stories when I was small and wished with all my heart that they could be real and that I could go there and live the stories. The Two Towers, as with Fellowship of the Ring, made me feel like a child again, wishing, just for a moment that you could live somewhere as beautiful as Rivendell. From the superb cast to the special effects such as the ones that bring Gollum to life, this movie is, indeed a winner! You know a movie is great when you sit in a theater for 3 plus hours and at he end you don't want it to be over. I for one, plan to see it again before it is gone from the theater, and to add it to my collection as soon as it is available for purchase!
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