Faramir rules - In defense of Peter Jackson's view of Faramir

I thought rather than doing a full return, quite honestly I wouldn't know where to start there is so much, and it is so wonderful. I decided instead to comment one one of the more contoversial areas of the film: its treatment of Faramir.

I am a big fan of Faramir in the book, indeed one of my few disappointments in the book is that Frodo & Faramir never got to say goodbye. I do think however the way it is done in the movie works wonderfully well as drama. Faramir is visibly torn between desire for the ring, obeying his father's orders &, at least by the osgiliath sequence, helping Frodo. This was all quite apparent in David Wenham's magnificent performance. I felt his Faramir came across as a gentle man hardened by war. I loved the Osgiliath scenes and felt it better balanced the different strands in the movie. It has also left me enormously anticipating the Faramir-Denethor scenes in ROTK.

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