Faramir or Boromir After Losing Weight? - Great movie...one too many BIG changes...

Reading through Ancalagons List of Film changes, I'd heard that the interaction with Frodo and Faramir was more "dramatic" than in the books, but the character that Frodo ran into while watching the Oliphaunts was not Faramir. It had to be someone else. The peaceful, wise character in the book was not to be seen anywhere in the movie which was highly disappointing. Faramir was to be a foil to Boromir, but it turned out that he was more obsessed with the Ring than his older brother was.

I did think the movie was great - Gollum was amazing, seeing the Balrog/Gandalf battle again was intense, Helms Deep was everything I had heard about, thankfully even some of the friendship between Gimli and Legolas was there, but what they did with Faramir was just way too much of a change.

I'm still going to go see it again with friends on Friday. Probably next Monday...and maybe again later next week. I'll just close my eyes when Faramir is on screen.

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