Could it be bad? - I think not.....

Quite different from the Fellowship , almost like a whole new story. Not as personal and much bloodier--I liked that though maybe not everyone does.

If the Fellowship was "Frodo's movie", this must be Aragorn's. And for the ones who thought Gollum would be scary - I tell you he's more like the new Adam Sandler.

One thing was disturbing me quite a lot, that little jump Legolas did to get on the horse, couldnt have been sillier, and that skateboard thing in Helm's Deep ? What was that? The ents looked a lot better then I thought they would, and the Nazgul's dragons were very well made.

Feel like you need to see it more then one time though, and despite a few "not so pleasing details", TTT was just as great as I expected. Can't wait to see the third one!

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