And it Grows... - My thoughts on TTT

The majesty, the splendor, the epic tale...a movie?

With the international boom of "Fellowship" the first of Peter Jackson's three-release saga has sold to a world of Tolkien-Fantasy Freaks everywhere.

And then there was the awful one year wait.

We were holding our breath to see Helm's Deep, the Dead Marshes, to watch Gandalf revive the feeble Théoden, and we got it all. We were satisfied, kind of. But where were the trees at Helm's Deep? Why isn't Narsil reforged? And what about Quickbeam?

I came in late on the entire thing, and in one way I'm luck, not having to wait so long for TTT. I saw The Fellowship of the Ring for the first time last August. I wondered about Tom Bombadil, the chief disappointment of the first movie, but I did not feel so badly about him as I do about the aforementioned. Especially the trees.

When I went home on December 18th, I was annoyed, and I was also deeply disappointed.

But then I saw it again the next Sunday, and it got better. The truth behind Frodo's suffering; Aragorn, tormented at leaving Arwen behind; Pippin and Merry's hopes being dashed when the Ents will not fight for their own world. It was better, but it was still not enough.

So I saw it a third time. And it became great. The commanding energy of Legolas; the simple humor of an overconfident dwarf; the fear of the almost-reverence in which Frodo nearly ends his quest and turns the Ring over to the Nazgûl; and the fact that Sam will never give up, no matter what fire he is led through on his journey. The Two Towers had grown on me, and then I realized...

"Fellowship" had done the same thing.

When I joined the ride it was already an international phenomenon. I didn't need to feel disappointed, because no one else felt that way. People had forgotten about the disappointments and looked to the good side of things, but I feel sure that when some people walked out of the theater on Dec. 17, 2001, they were just as bitterly disappointed as I was about TTT. But as I pointed out, by August they were seeing it in cheap theatres; buying cards, action figures, LOTR jewelry, posters; talking about it; writing about it; getting overobsessed and enjoying with vast intensity every minute of it. "Fellowship" had grown on people, the same way The Two Towers has grown on me. And if I'm wrong and it didn't grow on people, they sure are making the best of it, and in the meantime they're making New Line a LOT of cash.

Maybe I'm stupid for feeling this way, and maybe it's just a silly theory of mine, but if we can't have a million dollars, we may as well take the 900,000 offered to us, right? Where will we be next August? Will we have let the disappointments go and be out there making more cash for New Line? I hope so, I don't want to have written this review for nothing.

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