A review of negative TTT reviews... - People, it is an adaptation of the book.

People, it is an adaptation of the book. The movie never claims to take the books place or be any more important, it is PJ's vision of Middle-earth. if you guys can make a better movie, go do it. I dare you. The shear amount of blood, sweat and tears this man put into these movies is wonderful. Sure, he screws up on some things that us Tolkien nerds would have loved. I mean, I hated how Faramir was done, and I hated how the Ents weren't fleshed out, but guess what -- he only has three hours to work with, and I think he did a fine job of making it a flowing movie. and just like in FOTR, I have every confidence that any and all gripes i have with The Two Towers will be fixed by the inevitable Extended DVD next year.

You wanna know why I'm fired up? It is bcause everyone keeps complaining about this movie, when in reality, I think it is the closest we're ever going to get to see what we so dearly love on screen. Just to see Gandalf leading the Rohirrim down into Helms Deeep -- to put it frankly it was beautiful, just like other shots that finally give real pictures to my fantasies. Give the man some credit, and let's see what he can do. My bet is this summer or whenever the EE is released, there's gonna be alot of people changing their minds....

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