Your Passion Summoned Me

My darkened dungeon beckons forth<br /> A light has filtered, spewed<br /> Casting shadows evermore<br /> My thoughts have now ensued<br /> <br /> Mingled haste has now become<br /> Engrossed with weightless hope<br /> Tangled words on bitter tongue<br /> Still sing a soured note<br /> <br /> Shall I linger but for more<br /> Than all the world can give?<br /> Or shall I wish for you to love<br /> and me, to simply live?<br /> <br /> In darkness, still my heart remained<br /> In rhythm and in rhyme<br /> Longing wish with baited breath<br /> has stood the test of time<br /> <br /> Never more to walk diffused<br /> Eyes veiled now clearly see<br /> The darkened dungeon is no more<br /> Your passion summoned me<br />
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