You Don't Know

You don't know
I sit here beside you
Listening as you speak
I smile and nod, even responding in all the right places.
I sit calmly, hands in my lap
looking around the room, seeming happy.
But you don't know...
Inside, the darkness is growing
Threatening to drag me down into the depths
The pain never leaves
It grows each day, crushing my heart, strangling my spirit,
Squeezing out all joy.
Inside, I'm sobbing, crying, struggling,
Desperately fighting to get away,
To drag myself away from the edge of despair.
But I'm tired, so tired,
And it's not working.
I can't fight anymore, can't hold it off anymore.
I'm ready to give in.
And you don't know...
Because I'm sitting here beside you,
Listening as you speak
Smiling and nodding, calm and collected
Looking around, seeming happy
And you don't know...
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