You are elemental

You are like air
You are like a fragrance
You are elemental

If you are the cloud of Monsoon
Then why don't you come down
You keep flying like birds
Why don't you come to me

I am like air
I don't stop anywhere
Even If I want to
I carry things on my wings

From the midst of the silver springs
A blow of wind brought you here
Like a dry leaf
The wind blew you everywhere

O Come! O Come!
Ai! come only one
We'll rise from the earth
We'll step on the air
And fly a little!

Let's go some place there is no path
No one lives and
No one wanders

They say there is a place like that
In your eyes
Ai! Luthien!! Ai Luthien...

When I saw you
I thought I have found myself
You didn't say anything
But it was like talking with the life

O Come! O Come!
Let's sit down together
only for a while
Hold each other!
And don't say anything

If you touch the silence
You will find it in the eyes
How silent could be an embrace
Ai! Luthien!! Ai Luthien...

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