xXxMy DilemaxXx - Part 1

((For all of you who were, and are wishing to inquire as to where I get my inspiration, I have these two characters I've created. Saylen and Corethe, two elves who love each other dearly but were seperated by war...Basically, I write from Saylen's point of view when she lost her beloved. They've been seeking each other since over Middle-earth.))

The shadows flew whence
I laid eyes upon you
nearly fell to my knees
That was all I could do..

My breath came short
and my heart had leapt
It wanted to spill
All the secrets I kept..

My dreams, my desires,
The good and the true
I wanted to cry out
To captivate you..

Fall into your arms
despite we had just met
I knew I would need you
My safety net..

When you spoke to me
your words so kind
A truer love
I'd never find..

I could tell right then
A new light in so long
That I could be happy
But something was wrong..

Even though I was glad
To know I could love
A great feeling of panic
Rose up above..

A feeling so deep
Ever nagging at me
Yet I couldn't place it
So what could it be?

Oh that night I thought
Pondering and musing
This troubling instance
It was all so confusing..

-+- And here so concludes Part 1 -+-

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